Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 1477 Boundaries Crossed

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Brie, who was walking behind them, overheard their conversation.

Her body stiffened. She stood still, helpless over her predicament.

She turned to Elisa, her eyebrows slanted in worry.

Elisa? Please help.

Elisa respected Brie&39;s decision and didn&39;t force anyone to participate, even if Winslow had given his

Shaking her head, she rejected, &34;I have enough staff. There is, indeed, something I need to discuss
with Gareth, but I&39;ll return shortly.&34;

After saying what she needed to say, she then strode towards Gareth.

She left hurriedly, concerned that Gareth would assume North&39;s identity and proceed with his tasks.

At the same time, she wanted to leave room for her uncle and Brie.

Brie hesitated but ultimately found the courage to address Winslow directly. She firmly stated, &34;Mr.
North, I&39;m willing to do anything for Ms. Benett as per your instructions, even at the cost of my life.
However, I cannot stay by her side.&34;

If she agreed, Brie&39;s chances of meeting North would be scarce.

It was an unfavorable circumstance for Brie.

He spoke in a cold, stern voice, &34;If you choose to stay, you must understand that I have zero tolerance
for insubordination.&34;

Brie knew his disposition and preferences.

Nonetheless, she couldn&39;t keep her distance away from him.

Brie pleaded, &34;I know. And I&39;ve never intended to defy your commands. But please–don&39;t leave me with
Ms. Benett. You can reject me, but would you please stop pushing me away?&34;

With only a small circle of trusted allies and no one to care for him at this point in his life, Elisa&39;s
appearance only added to his growing list of concerns.

Winslow clarified, &34;I have never considered dismissing you or anyone, including Gareth, unless they
cross my boundaries and engage in misconduct.&34;

He enunciated his words carefully.

Brie trembled in fear as she looked down at her feet. &34;Elisa doesn&39;t want you, and we can&39;t do anything
about her. But I hope you&39;ve learned your lesson.&34;


Brie reluctantly agreed with Winslow&39;s warning, avoiding direct eye contact.

Her actions were deemed foolish by Winslow, and she couldn&39;t help but feel saddened by the
realization that her future with him seemed bleak.

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