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Chapter 1467 Not Happy About This Arrangement

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But Gareth is not an easy man to deal with.

Would Gareth allow Mr. North to bully him this way?

Not in a million years.

Gareth wanted to hide in the basement and wait for an opportunity to meet Elisa.

But his plans had changed.

He could be beaten to death by Mr. North before he had the chance to meet Elisa.

As he mulled over his thoughts, he decided to put an end to this. Gareth immediately kicked the
lackeys around him, knocking them to the ground with a thunderous thud.

The subordinates couldn&39;t have expected Gareth to have so much strength left to push them away.

They had thought that he would be crushed by Mr. North&39;s hands.

No one could withstand his sudden onslaught.

He left everyone stunned and scrambling to catch their breath.

They were flailing their arms and legs in a futile attempt to strike him back.

Gareth had never been known for his mercy.

A right hook to one of the subordinates sent him stumbling hard to the ground.

In a matter of seconds, he had taken care of everyone in his way.

He was now face-to-face with Mr. North.

He stood before Mr. North, unafraid and confident. He was assured of his victory.

Without Elisa&39;s safety to worry about, Gareth was unstoppable.

Elisa was completely unaware of what was happening.

Elisa was starting to get used to having an uncle.

And how attentively her uncle was treating her.

She still wasn&39;t used to the amount of care he was showing her.

He ordered his subordinates to accompany her to shop for the things she needed.

Moreover, he specifically assigned a female assistant, fearing she would feel uneasy with a male aide.

Brie was upset at how her boss was treating Elisa with such concern.

As she stood behind Elisa, she couldn&39;t help but scrutinize her.

Elisa was stunning, with a tall figure and pale, smooth skin that adorned her features.


Elisa caught her staring.

She noticed Brie&39;s eyes scanning over her but maintained her composure and didn&39;t say a word.

But Brie quickly looked away, her heart hammering in her chest.

As Elisa stayed at the casino, her uncle&39;s attentiveness to her piqued the curiosity of everyone in the
casino. The women, in particular, were sensitive to the gossip about Elisa&39;s identity.

Elisa did not blame Brie, nor did she feel upset with her.

However, she could not have imagined what would happen after she returned to the casino.

She overheard a conversation outside as she was getting ready to rest in her bedroom.

&34;That girl, Elisa, is skilled at wrapping men around her little finger. I remember seeing her with another
man when she first appeared before Mr. Knowles.&34;

&34;She was all over the other man, but I never thought she would seduce Mr. Knowles.&34;

&34;Ms. Ingram, you went out with her today. What do you think about her? Is she someone obnoxious?
We could...&34;

&34;What can we do if she is? Mr. Knowles likes her, so we have to treat her politely either way.&34;

Brie sneered coldly.

She took a drag of the cigarette in her hand. &34;Mr. Knowles must have many other ladies around him. I
think it&39;s best to keep your nose out of it!&34;

Brie and Mr. North were both the casino boss&39;s most trusted subordinates. Brie was often out running
errands, so she was rarely seen at the casino. Now that she was back, she had been assigned to
protect Elisa.

Everyone in the casino knew that Brie was not happy about this arrangement.

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