Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 1452 Implication

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&34;You saw Mr. Wickam&39;s behavior just now. He&39;s arrogant and doesn&39;t care about anyone else. My
companion and I were infuriated by him. I&39;m so sorry. We really don&39;t mean it. We can drop our guns
right now.&34; Eden quickly gave Irene a look.

It was wiser not to cause a scene in the casino. He merely wanted to intimidate Gareth but had no
intention of firing.

However, before they could drop the guns, Mr. North hit their guns away, which was a direct

Unfortunately, all of them were under the control of the casino staff.

Eden noticed the coldness in Gareth&39;s eyes as the latter anticipated a good show.

Mr. North didn&39;t bother with their interaction and sternly blurted, &34;The casino doesn&39;t welcome
troublemakers. You have ten minutes to get out of here!&34;

Irene&39;s expression soured. After all, she was a princess, yet she was scowled at by ordinary staff and
was treated with contempt, which was totally unacceptable!

&34;You should know that all guests here are not commoners, but your attitude…&34;

Mr. North interrupted Irene bluntly, &34;I don&39;t care who you are; all guests should follow our rules here.&34;

Irene&39;s face darkened even more. She had never been humiliated like this before. The next second,
she launched an attack on Mr. North.

Mr. North&39;s eyes were filled with ferocity. He swiftly dodged the attack and engaged in a fight with Irene.
In less than two minutes, Irene was taken down by Mr. North&39;s subordinates.

&34;Throw them out of here! Pass my message–no one in Moranta is allowed to help them. Let&39;s see how
they&39;re gonna leave Moranta penniless!&34;

Irene was stupefied. &34;How dare you!&34;

I&39;m a princess. How could they lay a hand on me?!

Eden&39;s smile faded too. He was confused if Mr. North was merely threatening them.

Before they could react, Mr. North&39;s subordinates approached them.

Eden uttered sullenly, &34;Mr. North, I made myself very clear just now. It was just a minor conflict, and we
didn&39;t intend to stir up trouble. Do you have to be this ruthless? Does your boss know what you&39;re

Mr. North was amused by Eden&39;s remark. &34;I&39;ve come all the way to where I am today. Do you think I&39;m
a senseless person who doesn&39;t know my stuff?&34;

Gareth looked calm and didn&39;t show much response, while Eden and Irene were clearly irritated.

They didn&39;t expect Mr. North to treat them like this. If his action was measured, it implied that the casino
owner must be extremely powerful. Otherwise, his subordinate wouldn&39;t dare to be this haughty.

Is the boss punishing us because we messed with Elisa? How on earth did Elisa establish a connection
with the boss?!

Irene&39;s expression turned ghastly. She was so jealous of Elisa&39;s identity and connection that she had
forgotten her current situation.

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