Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 1451 We Don't Mean to Stir Up Trouble

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Gareth didn&39;t say anything, but Elisa could sense his hostility. The next second, Gareth let go of her.

Elisa knew Gareth wouldn&39;t allow anyone to provoke him, so she wouldn&39;t be surprised if he seized
Eden like how he took Mr. Carrerra down. Nonetheless, Eden was different from Mr. Carrerra.

When Gareth stepped forward, Eden&39;s subordinates were ready to protect Eden. Elisa even witnessed
him pulling out a gun. On the other hand, Irene, too, pulled out a gun.

&34;Are you guys planning to cause bloodshed here?&34; Before the war could begin, Mr. North walked in
with his men and deterred them from causing a scene.

&34;Ms. Benett, our boss has an urgent matter to discuss with you.&34; Mr. North paid no attention to Eden,
Irene, and even Gareth but was respectful toward Elisa.

Everyone was bewildered at the scene. Before they could figure out what was going on, Elisa, who
didn&39;t intend to argue further with the others, nodded and said, &34;Okay, I&39;ll come with you now.&34;

As soon as she took a step, she realized Gareth was still seizing her hand. She instinctively looked at
Gareth and didn&39;t say a word, but her meaning was obvious.

Gareth looked calm and had no intention of releasing her. &34;I&39;ll go with you.&34; He uttered nonchalantly.

This was the second time the casino owner summoned Elisa, which made Gareth suspicious.

However, Mr. North blocked Gareth and said sternly, &34;Our boss only wants to meet Ms. Benett.&34;

Gareth narrowed his eyes. &34;The person your boss wants to meet is my woman. I…&34;

&34;Mr. Wickam, you better understand that you&39;re now at KKCD Casino. Outsiders don&39;t have a say
here!&34; Mr. North interrupted Gareth and sneered.

Elisa immediately gave Gareth a look. They needed a favor from the boss, so she didn&39;t want Gareth to
provoke the boss at this time. After all, the boss was watching everything through the security cameras.

She pressed her lips and said to Gareth, &34;Go back to the room and wait for me. I won&39;t take long.&34;

With that, Elisa exerted force to pull her hand out.

Gareth was reluctant but finally released her after perceiving her profound gaze.

He understood that Elisa didn&39;t want him to start a dispute in the casino. But Eden…

&34;Did you guys pull out your guns just now to stir up trouble in the casino?&34; Gareth deliberately
mentioned the topic again.

Mr. North signaled for his subordinates to escort Elisa away. Then, he glared coldly at Eden and Irene,
&34;Didn&39;t you know the rules of the casino when you came?&34;

There was a change in Eden&39;s expression. A few of Mr. North&39;s men took Elisa to meet the owner, but
Eden could recognize the weapons possessed by the remaining men–all of which were the latest
products from the black market!

The casino owner must be mighty because ordinary people couldn&39;t possibly obtain those weapons.

Eden was a discerning person. He smiled apologetically and said, &34;We definitely don&39;t mean to stir up

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