Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 1448 Her Compromise

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Irene became more irritated as she spoke. She even started attacking Eden, but Eden wasn&39;t a
pushover. He took a step back to avoid her attack. However, Irene kept pressing forward, and the two
of them engaged in a fight.

On the other hand, Elisa didn&39;t hope that Eden would fulfill his promise and come to pick her up. So,
she didn&39;t wait for Eden but went directly to his private room.

Little did she expect to see Eden and Irene fighting when she opened the door. She was surprised and
shocked, but she soon regained her composure and reckoned that the two partners must have had
conflicts of interest to divide among themselves at this crucial period.

Eliza was sure Eden&39;s actions implied that the answer she sought was inside this room. He even
offered to escort her here. So, Elisa figured out that the person who wanted to kill her was the masked

She lost her cool and threw three darts at Irene. Eden and Irene were sharp and instantly stopped
fighting when they sensed the darts flying toward them.

Eden wore a half-smile when he saw Elisa, while Irene&39;s eyes were filled with burning rage. She had
the urge to tear Elisa into pieces!

Such a reaction further confirmed Elisa&39;s suspicion.

&34;Why are you coming after me? There&39;s no enmity between us.&34; Elisa walked up to Irene and directly

asked her. Her gaze remained fixed on Irene, not to miss any of her expressions.

She always trusted her intuition. Previously, she was sure that the woman who ran out of the private
room was Nicole, and her hunch was true.

So, this time, Elisa believed that her instinct must be right.

Eden was pleased with Elisa&39;s reaction–she was as sharp-witted as he expected.

He merely gave her a hint, and she figured it out instantly. If she ascended the throne, she&39;d shine even

Eden became intrigued at that thought.

Seeing Eden&39;s expression, Irene was driven up the wall. She couldn&39;t believe her eyes. Damn it! How
could he look forward to Elisa ascending the throne?! I haven&39;t acted on my plan yet, so how did Elisa
notice something off?

Irene denied it. &34;I don&39;t understand what you mean, Miss. I don&39;t think we&39;ve met before.&34;

Playing dumb, huh?

Elisa snorted, &34;Don&39;t pretend to be ignorant. Weren&39;t you with Eden at KKCD Casino? To be exact, this
is the second time we met, and I wonder how many times you lurked around me that I&39;m unaware of.&34;

&34;Maybe we met before, but I have no impression at all. I have no motive to come after you. So, you
don&39;t have to question me.&34; Irene continued denying it.

Elisa didn&39;t answer but looked toward Eden and smiled. Eden became interested when he perceived
Elisa&39;s compromise.

However, they didn&39;t expect Gareth to barge into the room at that moment. He strode up to Elisa and
interrupted the tense atmosphere.

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