Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 1444 Nicole's Deed

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At that moment, Gareth never considered looking into it or taking Elisa&39;s side to believe her. After all,
what difference would it make even if the truth was uncovered now?

Linda was already dead.

Even if he could prove Elisa&39;s innocence, some people would perceive her attempt to defame the
deceased Linda.

But Gareth didn&39;t see it that way. He pressed his lips together and said, &34;Why not? Of course, it&39;s
necessary to defend your innocence. Elisa, I...&34;

Elisa&39;s intense expression took Gareth by surprise. It was a reaction he had never seen from her during
their long acquaintance.

For a moment, Gareth fell silent, absorbing Elisa&39;s words.

A faint trace of amusement glimmered in Elisa&39;s eyes as she responded coldly, &34;You already sentenced
me to a capital offense back then, Gareth. Let me ask you, even if you investigate now and prove my
innocence, what difference would it make? Do you think I need your attempts at redemption? Do you
believe I want your money or to continue a loveless marriage with you?&34;

A loveless marriage was even more terrifying than death itself!

She had foolishly believed that she could touch Gareth&39;s heart and spend their twilight years together,
finding comfort in each other&39;s presence as they aged. But what had it all come to?

&34;I understand that you no longer care about it, but after everything we&39;ve been through, I&39;m compelled
to seek the truth, Elisa. I cannot falsely accuse an innocent person, nor can I let a guilty person evade
justice,&34; Gareth&39;s expression turned serious and resolute, his eyes filled with icy determination.

Elisa found his determination cringe-worthy, &34;That&39;s your business; it has nothing to do with me. Now
that you have the antidote, control over Mr. Carrerra with the poison, and have obtained the
Ganoderma Caligo, you can continue on your own path. At the same time, I&39;ll choose a separate one.&34;

With these words, Elisa sidestepped Gareth and left.

Gareth understood Elisa&39;s nature, and he had already poured his heart out, saying everything he
wanted to say. Now, it was in her hands.

Did he expect Elisa to boldly push open the door and stride into the adjacent private room?

To his surprise, it was Nicole&39;s private room!

Uncertain of Elisa&39;s intentions, Gareth decided to follow her nonetheless.

Elisa entered the room ahead of him.

As she pushed the door open, she immediately drew the attention of Nicole&39;s two subordinates
stationed by the entrance. They were about to attack Elisa when she swiftly stepped back, seized their
wrists, and forcefully yanked, causing them to collide forcefully with each other.

The commotion instantly caught Nicole&39;s attention.

Elisa&39;s arrival darkened Nicole&39;s expression. &34;Elisa, I didn&39;t expect you to come meddling in my affairs.
Yet here you are, on my doorstep!&34;

A hint of ruthlessness flickered in Nicole&39;s eyes as she spoke.

She clapped her hands, and several men in black suits emerged from the restroom.

These were individuals Nicole had prearranged, ready for such a situation.

They had been strategically placed, one step ahead of the game.

Since the confrontation had escalated, there was no need for secrecy anymore.

However, one question lingered—

Since Elisa chose to come here, how could she not have anticipated this?

Undeterred, Elisa showed no fear as she took out her phone and played a video she had copied from

Despite the absence of sound in the video, Nicole and Elisa stood close together, able to see the
images on the phone&39;s screen with absolute clarity.

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