Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 1440 But They Were Already Divorced!

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Elisa found herself at her wit&39;s end, trying to reason with Gareth, and she had no choice but to reveal
the truth. &34;He didn&39;t make any trade with me either. He simply asked me to accompany him on a three-
day trip, possibly to the Middle East for something.&34;

Just as Elisa thought Gareth would finally let go after hearing the specifics, he stubbornly declared,
&34;You&39;re not allowed to go!&34;

This caught Elisa off guard, and she questioned, &34;Why not?&34;

She had made an equal exchange with Mr. Carrerra for the antidote, and she was not the type to go
back on her word. If she reneged on their agreement, what kind of shady person would she be?

However, a hint of hesitation flickered across her face. Did Gareth have other plans to resolve the

Gareth, filled with a sense of lifelong humiliation from being deceived, could no longer bear being weak.
He gazed at Elisa. His expression was stoic yet earnest. &34;That man is cunning and deceitful. If he
wants the Ganoderma Caligo, let him have it. You don&39;t need to put yourself in danger.&34;

Elisa looked at him in disbelief.

His grasp on her hand tightened, causing a pang of pain. The physical sensation served as a reminder
that all of this was undeniably real. Elisa found it hard to fathom Gareth&39;s words, yet his resolute
expression and unwavering tone left little room for disbelief.

The Ganoderma Caligo resulted from Gareth&39;s substantial investment and arduous efforts. He had

even embarked on a challenging journey overseas with Elisa, pursuing this herb to heal his ailing

&34;Gareth, you have only a limited amount of Ganoderma Caligo. What will become of Grandma if you
compromise and give it away?&34; Elisa pursed her lips, meeting Gareth&39;s gaze head-on.

For some reason, she was curious about Gareth&39;s reaction at this moment. Would he yield or stand his

Gareth didn&39;t back down. &34;We might delay Grandma&39;s treatment, but I won&39;t let you endanger yourself
any further. If he wants the Ganoderma Caligo, he doesn&39;t truly want me dead.&34;

&34;You stay here. Let me handle all these.&34; Gareth asserted with resolve.

But Elisa stood her ground, refusing to budge. &34;You&39;ve said it yourself, Gareth. Mr. Carrerra is cunning
and ruthless. Now that you finally have the antidote, don&39;t fall into his trap again. I&39;m sure he won&39;t kill
me since he proposed the trade willingly. Enough with the nonsense! You bring back the Ganoderma
Caligo, and I&39;ll help you arrange everything to ensure your safe return.&34;

Elisa made another attempt to free her hand from Gareth&39;s firm grip.

Gareth&39;s fingers, long and slender, felt icy cold due to the effects of the recent poisoning.

Their touch sent a shiver down Elisa&39;s spine, leaving her perplexed as to why she was experiencing
such a sensation. Yet, Gareth remained resolute, unwilling to release his grip.

Once Gareth dug his heels in, his stubbornness knew no bounds. Elisa understood that persuading him

would be an uphill battle.

Gareth furrowed his brows, his stance unwavering. &34;I can&39;t just leave you here and go back home. How
can I explain all of this to Grandma?&34;

Elisa couldn&39;t help but feel a sense of helplessness. &34;If you don&39;t let go now, I won&39;t be able to keep my
promise. That means going back on my word. Gareth, you know the consequences of breaking my
promise. I&39;ve repeatedly subtly hinted to Grandma that we&39;re not meant to be. We&39;re no longer kids. It&39;s
time to let go of unrealistic hopes and face reality!&34;

Gareth was well aware of what she meant. He was determined to fulfill his grandmother&39;s wishes,
regardless of the circumstances. He would do whatever it took to make her happy.

But didn&39;t they already divorce?!

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