Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 1437 What Do You Want?

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Thinking on his feet, Thomas offered, &34;Ms. Benett, we&39;ve got Mr. Carrerra locked up and guarded. If
you&39;d like, I can accompany you to see him.&34;

&34;But can your men really handle someone like Mr. Carrerra, who managed to deceive someone as
sharp as your boss, Mr. Wickam? My advice, for now, is to keep a close eye on Mr. Wickam.&34; With
those words, Elisa turned around and exited the private room.

Her sarcasm was evident, and only God knew whether her prickly comeback was directed at Thomas
or Gareth.

Nonetheless, Thomas stood there in stunned silence.

Was Mr. Carrerra really that sneaky and wicked, going beyond anything he could have imagined?

Thomas had never expected Mr. Carrerra to stoop so low. After all, only individuals of high status and
position were allowed in this place. Yet, Mr. Carrerra had dared to take such an unconventional


In Winslow&39;s private room, Elisa had seen the entire surveillance system, informing her of the precise
location where Mr. Carrerra was being held.

And it seemed Mr. Carrerra had come prepared.

Elisa approached Mr. Carrerra&39;s room, and his subordinates didn&39;t obstruct her; instead, they stepped

aside. She entered and found Mr. Carrerra pouring red wine. The tall glasses held a deep crimson color
reminiscent of blood.

Mr. Carrerra didn&39;t bother checking who had arrived; he knew it was Elisa. With a half-smile, he greeted
her, &34;Ms. Benett, what brings us together again?&34;

Disgust flashed in Elisa&39;s eyes. It was evident that Mr. Carrerra was behind all these frenzies. Yet, he
had the audacity to pretend they crossed paths again.

&34;What is your motive behind the poisoning? Is it for the Ganoderma Caligo or for revenge? Revenge for
choosing the wrong person, for turning your subordinates against you, not Gareth.&34; Elisa pursed her
lips, confronting Mr. Carrerra across the table.

Upon hearing Elisa&39;s words, a broader smile crept across Mr. Carrerra&39;s face. He proceeded to pour
another glass of red wine.

He held one glass in his hand and raised the other toward Elisa.

Elisa clearly understood the striking disparity between Mr. Carrerra and Winslow—they were like night
and day. She knew Winslow had a higher moral compass and a greater sense of honor than Mr.

Otherwise, Winslow wouldn&39;t resort to poisoning to manipulate people and gain their loyalty.

In response to Elisa&39;s words, Mr. Carrerra sighed, &34;Ms. Benett, you have no idea how Gareth provoked
me after you left. Given his behavior, I believe I am justified in defending myself, don&39;t you think?&34;

Mr. Carrerra&39;s pretended innocence left Elisa flustered.

Mr. Carrarra didn&39;t bothar chacking who had arrivad; ha knaw it was Elisa. With a half-smila, ha graatad
har, &34;Ms. Banatt, what brings us togathar again?&34;

Disgust flashad in Elisa&39;s ayas. It was avidant that Mr. Carrarra was bahind all thasa franzias. Yat, ha
had tha audacity to pratand thay crossad paths again.

&34;What is your motiva bahind tha poisoning? Is it for tha Ganodarma Caligo or for ravanga? Ravanga for
choosing tha wrong parson, for turning your subordinatas against you, not Garath.&34; Elisa pursad har
lips, confronting Mr. Carrarra across tha tabla.

Upon haaring Elisa&39;s words, a broadar smila crapt across Mr. Carrarra&39;s faca. Ha procaadad to pour
anothar glass of rad wina.

Ha hald ona glass in his hand and raisad tha othar toward Elisa.

Elisa claarly undarstood tha striking disparity batwaan Mr. Carrarra and Winslow—thay wara lika night
and day. Sha knaw Winslow had a highar moral compass and a graatar sansa of honor than Mr.

Otharwisa, Winslow wouldn&39;t rasort to poisoning to manipulata paopla and gain thair loyalty.

In rasponsa to Elisa&39;s words, Mr. Carrarra sighad, &34;Ms. Banatt, you hava no idaa how Garath provokad
ma aftar you laft. Givan his bahavior, I baliava I am justifiad in dafanding mysalf, don&39;t you think?&34;

Mr. Carrarra&39;s pratandad innocanca laft Elisa flustarad.

How could Gareth have possibly provoked him first?

Not one to beat around the bush, Elisa laid her cards on the table, &34;Hand over the antidote right now.&34;

Mr. Carrerra chuckled in response, &34;How amusing, Ms. Benett. We&39;re not exactly close or friends. Why
should I give it to you just because you ask?&34;

Seeing that Elisa declined the glass of red wine, Mr. Carrerra casually dropped it into the trash can
before him, revealing his true nature.

Everything he had shown thus far had been an act.

&34;Aren&39;t you going to give the antidote to cure the person you poisoned?&34; Elisa narrowed her eyes. She
had prepared herself for the worst before arriving. If Mr. Carrerra refused to comply, she would resort to

Elisa couldn&39;t care less about the potential consequences of resorting to drastic measures.

Mr. Carrerra had made himself clear, &34;No way. Gareth is asking for trouble all by himself. And am I not
doing you a favor by helping you get rid of that annoying ex-husband? Shouldn&39;t you be grateful? Why
tie yourself to a crooked tree when there are plenty of choices?&34;

Elisa didn&39;t bother responding; instead, she took a deep breath.

Just as she was about to make her move, Mr. Carrerra quickly backed away, avoiding her action.

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