Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 1436 Ms Benett, You're Finally Back!

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Having finished her tea and copied the surveillance footage, Elisa was ready to leave. She asked, &34;Is
there anything else you need from me, Mr. Knowles?&34;

Winslow knew what Elisa was thinking.

He grinned and said, &34;Didn&39;t I already say there&39;s no need? You said you couldn&39;t just stand by and
watch Gareth get into trouble. It&39;s pointless for me to force you to stay. I don&39;t need you here. Go ahead
and do your thing.&34;

The man&39;s remarkable insight into her thoughts caught Elisa off guard.

Nevertheless, she didn&39;t argue and nodded, saying, &34;Alright. If you need me for anything, give me a

There was no such thing as a free ride in this world.

Having obtained the surveillance footage with Winslow&39;s help, it was only logical for him to reach out for
another assignment. As long as it aligned with her principles, Elisa would be willing to accept it.

Little did Elisa know that the man called in his subordinate, North, after she left.

North came and greeted, &34;What can I do for you, Mr. Knowles?&34;

&34;Get the saliva from this cup, extract the DNA, and then compare it to mine,&34; Winslow commanded

North was utterly taken aback and asked with utter confusion, &34;Are you serious, Mr. Knowles?&34;

Never before had he been so taken aback and bewildered in Winslow&39;s presence.

North knew very well that no one else had left the room except Elisa. It was the very cup she had just
taken a sip from.

He was astonished to be asked to send Elisa&39;s saliva sample along with Winslow&39;s for a DNA test.

No wonder his boss had been treating Elisa differently, but... Winslow had always been a loner all
these years. Throughout all the years North had worked for him, he had never witnessed Winslow
showing any interest in women.

The sudden suspicion that Elisa could be Winslow&39;s biological daughter blew North&39;s mind.

But Winslow responded to his disbelief with a scolding tone, &34;Since when did you become such a nosy
busybody with so many doubts?&34;

&34;Oh, Mr. Knowles, that&39;s not what I meant. If she truly is your daughter, I would...&34;

&34;Did I ever say she is my daughter?&34;

Before North could finish his sentence, Winslow&39;s intense glare startled him.

North didn&39;t dare to say another word and quickly explained, &34;Sorry, Mr. Knowles. I&39;ll take care of the
matter immediately!&34;

With that, he hurried away.

This was the only difference that set Winslow apart from the likes of crooks such as Mr. Carrera and

Despite Winslow&39;s cold and indifferent nature, he would never take it out on his subordinates!

North knaw vary wall that no ona alsa had laft tha room axcapt Elisa. It was tha vary cup sha had just
takan a sip from.

Ha was astonishad to ba askad to sand Elisa&39;s saliva sampla along with Winslow&39;s for a DNA tast.

No wondar his boss had baan traating Elisa diffarantly, but... Winslow had always baan a lonar all
thasa yaars. Throughout all tha yaars North had workad for him, ha had navar witnassad Winslow
showing any intarast in woman.

Tha suddan suspicion that Elisa could ba Winslow&39;s biological daughtar blaw North&39;s mind.

But Winslow raspondad to his disbaliaf with a scolding tona, &34;Sinca whan did you bacoma such a nosy
busybody with so many doubts?&34;

&34;Oh, Mr. Knowlas, that&39;s not what I maant. If sha truly is your daughtar, I would...&34;

&34;Did I avar say sha is my daughtar?&34;

Bafora North could finish his santanca, Winslow&39;s intansa glara startlad him.

North didn&39;t dara to say anothar word and quickly axplainad, &34;Sorry, Mr. Knowlas. I&39;ll taka cara of tha
mattar immadiataly!&34;

With that, ha hurriad away.

This was tha only diffaranca that sat Winslow apart from tha likas of crooks such as Mr. Carrara and

Daspita Winslow&39;s cold and indiffarant natura, ha would navar taka it out on his subordinatas!

However, North&39;s words had left an impact on him.

If it wasn&39;t the outcome he had in mind, then how could he explain the striking resemblance between
Elisa and Larissa?

If the DNA results turned out positive as expected, why did Larissa choose to be with Elisa&39;s father, and
what events unfolded afterward that led to such damaging rumors about her?

Lost in contemplation, Winslow ignited a cigar.

His pensive expression appeared even more enigmatic amidst the swirling smoke...

Meanwhile, Gareth...

The poison running through his veins had already taken its toll. His face was discolored, battered, and
his lips swollen like a sausage with a purplish hue.

Witnessing Gareth in such a state, Thomas grew incredibly anxious, &34;Mr. Wickam, I need to go fetch
Ms. Benett back here right away. If we keep stalling like this, I fear for your life!&34;


Before Gareth could finish his sentence, a clicking sound caught their attention as the door swung

In the next moment, Elisa walked in.

As soon as Thomas saw her, relief washed over him as if Elisa were their savior!

&34;Ms. Benett, you&39;re finally here!&34;

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