Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 1423 Who Will Elisa Choose

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The question was no doubt a provocation.

Elisa rescued and convinced Terry and four others to defect from Mr. Carrerra. They feared Mr.
Carrerra would hunt them down and slaughter them. Thus, they had no choice but to stay with Elisa
and Gareth.

It seemed this person knew about the matter and even used the word &39;strays&39; to describe Terry and the
others. Elisa was too busy thinking to notice the vague smile on his face. It made him appear sinister
and ruthless.

Elisa narrowed her eyes. &34;Are you Mr. Carrerra?&34;

She had investigated him before and could only find a brief introduction. There was no photo, and she
did not see him during the auction.

Elisa thought he must have been old and hideous to resort to poison to control others. She never
expected to discover that Mr. Carrerra was a dazzlingly handsome man.

His blue eyes were charming and proud. They were now looking at her with mockery and a touch of
cruel gleam.

Mr. Carrerra sighed. &34;Ms. Benett, you could have told me you were short on helpers. Why must you
snatch my people in such a manner?&34;

Although he sighed, his smile did not relax at all.

Elisa found it funny that he made his lies sound convincing.

She decided to argue by turning his words against him.

&34;Mr. Carrerra, you could have called me if you wanted Ganoderma Caligo or thought you had gone
overboard with the poison. I&39;m not so cruel as to let you die without trying to help. I could have given

you some dregs. Why must you do something so despicable as to try to snatch Ganoderma Caligo
from me?&34;

One could not deny that Elisa was intelligent and brave.

Mr. Carrerra looked at her and smiled. &34;Is it too late to ask for dregs now? I heard you&39;re brilliant and
formulated a cure for Heart Piercer Poison. If you can help me solve a major problem, I promise to…&34;

&34;Are you promising me that I can get anything I want? Sorry, money, status, and fame are of no interest
to me,&34; Elisa interrupted and smiled.

She turned around after saying that.

Seeing that she was about to leave, Mr. Carrerra chased her.

However, Gareth and Eden arrived before he could say anything.

Suddenly three stunning men surrounded Elisa. As many guests were nearby, Elisa instantly became
the center of their attention.

They wondered what was so special about Elisa that three incredibly handsome men surrounded her.

At the same time, the crowd was curious to see who Elisa would choose.

Elisa did not spare Eden or Mr. Carrerra a glance and held Gareth&39;s arm.

A few people in the crowd recognized them.

&34;I heard they have tremendous good luck. Let&39;s follow them. Maybe some of their luck will rub off on

&34;They are a match made in heaven. Of course, they prefer each other no matter how many other
beautiful people come their way!&34;

&34;Quick, stop standing there. We must follow them!&34;

The crowd rushed to follow Elisa and Gareth. Elisa heard footsteps behind her but ignored them.

She entered a private lounge with Gareth and withdrew her hand from his arm.

Then, she sat in a leather chair and frowned as she looked at the endless crowd in the hall below.

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