Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 1420 I Am Not Afraid

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&34;Furthermore, your presence is helping his condition. If he were to take a flight now, what would we do
if his condition deteriorates? Furthermore, the gathering is tomorrow…&34;

Thomas pursed his lips and brought up the gathering.

As long as nothing went wrong during the gathering, they could leave Moranta once it was over. Then,
Julia and Gareth would receive treatment to cure their conditions.

Elisa remained silent. She only suggested sending Gareth home out of frustration. In actuality, she
would worry if Gareth had to take a flight in his present condition.

However, they had another situation to deal with…

Elisa turned to Thomas and said, &34;I need you to attend the gathering with me tomorrow.&34;


Her words stumped Thomas.

Mr. Wickam and Ms. Benett are a perfect match. Who am I to attend the gathering with her?

Elisa could not help but frown as she looked at Thomas&39; troubled expression. &34;Why? Are you unwilling?
Do you think Gareth is capable of attending like this?&34;

Thomas glanced at Gareth and saw him frowning even as he slept. Yet, he looked imposing even in
such a condition. Thomas sighed helplessly in his mind.

He can&39;t attend the gathering in this condition.

The gathering will be two hours at the most. I should be able to get through it with Ms. Benett there.

Thomas opened his mouth to say something, but someone knocked on the door.

He opened it and saw a tall, thin man dressed in a black suit. The man held an intricately decorated
box and offered it to Thomas.

The man smiled and said, &34;Greetings, Mr. May. This is a congratulatory gift from my boss to Ms.

Thomas could not help but narrow his eyes as he regarded the man. &34;Did Eden send you here?&34;

The man denied it immediately. &34;I don&39;t know this Eden whom you speak of. I&39;m doing my job according
to my boss&39; instructions. My boss would like me to pass a message to Ms. Benett. He is impressed and
thankful that Ms. Benett can remove poison from his subordinates. This is only a small gift. There will
be a bigger gift tonight. My boss said he will do his best to express his sincerity.&34;

The man spoke sincerely and solemnly.

Thomas&39; expression darkened.

No, we can&39;t appear weak to them.

He pursed his lips and replied coldly, &34;We do not want your gifts. Go back and tell your boss to stop

playing tricks. We stand by our actions and have no reason to fear!&34;

Thomas tried to close the door right after saying that.

His words angered the man.

However, the man did not forget his boss&39; instructions to him.

He controlled his anger and offered the present again. &34;Mr. May, I will pass your message to my boss,
but my boss has prepared this gift. Please give it to Ms. Benett.&34;

Thomas&39; expression turned cold. He still refused to take the gift.

Meanwhile, Elisa heard the noises at the door.

She wondered what took Thomas so long and went to the door to check what was happening.

The man saw her and greeted her immediately, &34;Ms. Benett, my boss instructed me to send this gift to
you. Please accept it.&34;

Elisa&39;s expression turned cold. That Eden still won&39;t give up!

She took the gift before Thomas could speak and threw it to the floor.

Then, she scoffed indifferently. &34;Tell your boss he can bring on any tricks and schemes he has in store.
I&39;m not afraid of him!&34;

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