Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 1415 Swear Allegiance

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Elisa considered and pursed her lips before saying, &34;If everything goes well, I should be back after a
couple of days.&34;

They would have to attend the gathering at the casino the next day.

The casino had delayed it once. They would most likely not postpone it again.

Once they attended the gathering, they could leave Moranta if Eden did not cause any more problems.

Rachel rolled her eyes when she heard Elisa had to stay in Moranta for two more days. &34;What the
heck? Why do you have to stay for two more days? Why are you and Gareth there for so long?&34;

If there are no issues or problems, I suspect Gareth that b*stard is deliberately delaying their return!

Rachel was not the only one astounded by Elisa&39;s lengthy stay in Moranta. Even Elisa was frustrated
about it. &34;It can&39;t be helped. A lot has happened. Let&39;s talk more when I&39;m back.&34;

Elisa remembered the matter Vincent had asked her to help with.

&34;Okay, I have something to discuss with you once you return. Anyway, it&39;s late. You should get some


Elisa hung up after that.

Gareth disliked repeating the same matter. However, he heard Elisa and Rachel&39;s conversation and
decided to repeat his previous suggestion.

&34;Elisa, if you leave now, at least one less person will be in trouble if anything happens.&34;

On the other hand, if we stay back, neither of us will escape harm.

Elisa sneered, &34;What makes you think I&39;m afraid of that?&34;

Gareth fell silent.

He knew Elisa was fearless, but it felt like something heavy was pressing on his chest for some reason.

The feeling was unbearable.

Still, he said, &34;No matter what happens, you must not be the one to get hurt.&34;

His gruff but firm voice sounded in her ear. His words stunned Elisa, prompting her to look up at him.
She saw his stern and imposing but sincere expression.

Elisa&39;s lashes trembled slightly. She was dazed for a moment before appearing calm again. &34;I&39;ve
promised you and Grandma, so don&39;t worry. I won&39;t let anything happen to me.&34;

She had medical skills and knew how to utilize Ganoderma Caligo to cure Julia&39;s illness. At the same
time, she helped Gareth remove the toxin residue in his body. Therefore, she was confident that she
could keep herself safe.

Gareth&39;s expression froze slightly. He understood what she meant. His demeanor gradually turned cold,

A violent cough suddenly sounded.


Those noises interrupted Gareth before he could say anything. In the next second, the stench of blood
filled the air.

Elisa frowned and rushed to another room.

Terry&39;s anxious voice rang throughout the room. &34;Ms. Benett, please take a look at him. Why did he
vomit black-colored blood?&34;

His face was marred with panic and worry as he supported one of his subordinates from collapsing.

Elisa rushed to him and checked his pulse. Then, she pinched her brow and said, &34;Heart Piercer
Poison has spread to his lungs. You know this would happen, especially if you try to fight poison with
poison. Thank goodness he came today to neutralize the poison. Otherwise, he will not survive a

At her word, the man Terry supported looked at her imploringly. He asked anxiously, &34;Ms. Benett, am I
going to die?&34;

The other three men could not resist their fear of death and came humbly to Elisa before kneeling at
her feet.

&34;Ms. Benett, we don&39;t want to die. Please save us.&34;

&34;Ms. Benett, if you remove the poison in our bodies, we will swear allegiance to you and Mr. Wickam!&34;

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