Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 1407 You? Dream On

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Elisa disliked talking to someone in such a manner.

However, Eden was only a stranger to her, so she had no reason to expect anything from him.

Elisa replied evenly, &34;I came here as per your invitation. Can you tell me who is the woman that wanted
to harm me?&34;

She set the skewer aside as she said that and looked at him coldly.

Eden smiled and said, &34;Liz, you rejected me three times. It&39;s not too much to leave you hanging a little,
right? What about this? If you agree to go on three dates with me, I will tell you about that person.&34;

He offered her a glass of fruit juice after saying that.

Elisa looked at him indifferently and sneered, &34;You really hold a grudge.&34;

Her comment did not anger Eden. He even played along with her words. &34;Of course. I&39;ve my masculine
dignity, after all. Don&39;t you think being publicly rejected three times is humiliating?&34;

Elisa laughed mockingly.

A moment later, she turned to Eden and retorted, &34;Isn&39;t it normal for me to reject someone whose
identity and background are unknown to me?&34;

&34;But don&39;t you already know who I am, Black-Eyed Susan?&34; Eden immediately refuted her and even
addressed her by her hacker name.

Elisa could not help but frown.

It seems Eden knows a lot!

Seeing her reaction, Eden immediately softened his tone and comforted, &34;Don&39;t be angry. You attacked
Estoccia&39;s system to investigate me. Isn&39;t it expected that I found out about your identity?&34;

&34;Furthermore, it&39;s natural to find out as much as possible about the person I want to pursue. Can&39;t you
see? We will be a strong alliance if we are together. Liz, your ex-husband is here!&34;

Eden gestured to Elisa, prompting her to turn around. She saw Gareth walking toward them with an air
of authority.

Elisa took a glance at him and turned away indifferently.

Why is he here?

Eden glanced at her expression and offered courteously, &34;Liz, I can make him leave if you don&39;t wish to
see him.&34;

He spoke as if it was something easy to do.

Of course, Elisa believed Eden could make it happen.

She refused coldly, &34;You and I are only strangers. My relationship with Gareth is not for you to

Those words carried a hint of warning.

Eden squinted his eyes, but Gareth came to Elisa&39;s side before Eden could reply to her. Gareth pulled
out the white chair and sat beside Elisa without requesting permission to join them.

The three shared a table.

Eden behaved like a host and initiated a greeting. &34;Mr. Wickam, please help yourself. If the food is not
to your liking, I&39;ll get them to bring other food here.&34;

His lips curved into a welcoming smile.

But Gareth ignored it.

Elisa looked at him as if in a warning.

However, that only caused Gareth&39;s expression to turn cold. He refused to move, knowing that Elisa
wanted him to leave. Why would he want to go now?

Eden smirked slightly upon seeing Gareth&39;s sullen expression. He planned to trigger Gareth&39;s anger.
&34;Liz agreed to be my girlfriend. Mr. Wickam…&34;

&34;You? Dream on.&34; Gareth glared at him.

Eden&39;s expression darkened.

Elisa noticed Gareth was about to lose his temper and grabbed his arm.

At the same time, she pushed him to the side. &34;What are you doing?&34;

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