Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 1404 You Shut Up!

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Elisa instantly understood. &34;Do you mean she&39;s a character played by Eden?&34;

Then, she realized it might not be impossible. Eden liked to disguise himself.

She could not help but frown as she thought about it. &34;I see him frequently these days. He will
eventually slip up with time.&34;

Then, the truth about Eden will be revealed.

&34;You don&39;t have to…&34;

Gareth opened his mouth, but Elisa interrupted him before he could finish speaking, &34;Eden is targeting
me. Why do you think I don&39;t have to interact with him?&34;

Since Gareth remained silent, Elisa recalled what Thomas told her and could not resist laughing.
&34;Gareth, do you really think I can still depend on you?&34;

Gareth pursed his lips. His expression turned cold.

He did not mean it that way.

However, as his expression grew stern, Elisa pursed her lips and said, &34;Anyway, thank you for just

Gareth was stunned, but someone knocked on the door before he could figure out what to say.

Thomas had just left, so it could not have been him.

Elisa and Gareth thought of Eden at the same time. Gareth could not help but frown.

However, before he could say anything, Elisa already went to the door to open it. As expected, Eden
was standing there.

He leaned against the door frame, crossed his arm, and smiled deviously. &34;I haven&39;t seen you for too
long and miss you.&34;

He looked at Elisa with a smile and a playful glint.

Elisa&39;s expression turned cold. She replied sternly, &34;Can&39;t you be serious?&34;

However, Eden felt her scolding was unjustified and appeared as if she had wronged him. &34;But I was
telling the truth. I like you and am pursuing you. Isn&39;t it normal to miss you?&34;

His expression disgusted Elisa.

Eden was a grown man. It felt cringe seeing him acting like that.

Suddenly, Elisa heard Gareth&39;s approaching footsteps. She immediately pushed Eden toward the door.

Elisa was concerned about them getting into another conflict. Her plans had yet to unfold, and she did
not want Gareth and Eden to get into a tussle before that.

However, Eden used the chance to grab her wrist. The corner of his lips curved up, making his smile
seem sinister. &34;Liz, I knew it. You still don&39;t believe me.&34;

Elisa looked into his eyes and noticed them glowing with glee.

Her expression darkened, and she immediately shoved him away. At the same time, she hit her arm
hard against his chest.

However, Eden neither moved nor retreated. He frowned and appeared dejected. &34;Liz, a lady should be
gentle. Don&39;t be so fierce. You&39;re hurting me.&34;

At the same time, a couple walked out from one of the rooms.

Eden intentionally raised his voice, prompting the couple to look their way. In that instant, Elisa could
feel everyone focusing on her.

The feeling flamed Elisa&39;s anger, and she shouted at Eden, &34;You shut up!&34;

She had never met such a shameless man.

Eden appeared helpless and asked Elisa, &34;What are you afraid of? Isn&39;t it normal for a couple to fight?&34;

Hearing no response from Elisa, Eden continued, &34;I&39;ve dealt with everything. Your time belongs to me

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