Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 1400 Paralyzed

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He knew how skilled Elisa was. Even with anger on Nicole&39;s side, she wasn&39;t Elisa&39;s opponent.

But Thomas needed Gareth to be concerned!


Gareth finally agreed.

Completely ignoring Eden, Gareth turned on his heel and left.

Eden laughed while he watched Gareth leave.

He thought he might be able to put his boxing skills to good use, but to his surprise, Gareth had backed

But it didn&39;t matter. With Gareth&39;s personality, it wouldn&39;t take long for them to have another altercation.

They&39;ll see who&39;s the winner when that time comes!

Elisa and Nicole had arrived at her room.

Nicole unlocked the room with the passcode, deliberately letting Nicole see it. &34;Ever since Gareth was
poisoned, we had the assistant book a two-bedroom suite for convenience. Ms. Tabor, if you have
feelings for him, be brave and let me know. If you ever need help, I&39;m more than happy to give you a

Elisa smiled warmly at her.

Nicole did not fall for her kindness.

Linda was a good example. If Elisa really was that kind, why did Linda fail to become Gareth&39;s wife
after they divorced?

Nicole smiled and ducked her head in embarrassment. &34;You&39;re teasing me, Ms. Benett. Our families
just so happen to be in business with each other. As for Gareth and I, you could only call us
acquaintances. Friends would be an exaggeration. Today&39;s meeting was a coincidence. Otherwise,
how would I even be able to meet him?&34;

Elisa admired Nicole&39;s quick wit.

Nicole still managed to answer her calmly after everything that had happened.

Elisa found an outfit for Nicole to change into. &34;Here you go, Ms. Tabor. You can change here. The
bathroom is full of medicine for Gareth&39;s poison. You know how much of a germaphobe he is. He may
refuse to use the bathroom if you change in there.&34;

It sounded plausible, especially after Gareth had yelled at them earlier.

Gareth was oblivious. He had sincerely got upset with Elisa. But to Nicole, it looked like they both had
planned this.

It all looked as if it were the natural development of things.

Nicole could not pretend any longer. &34;Ms. Benett, we may both be women, but we barely know each
other. I cannot bring myself to change in front of you. Besides, even if the bathroom is full of Gareth&39;s
medicine, do you really think I&39;d tamper with them? How horrible of a person do you think I am?&34;

&34;Is that so? If you weren&39;t so horrible, why did you appear right when Gareth was poisoned?&34; Elisa
stopped acting. She laughed.

She stepped towards Nicole. Nicole&39;s expression changed abruptly. &34;What are you talking about?&34;

Nicole&39;s politeness towards Elisa had gone out the window.

Elisa was too tired to keep up with the act.

Her hand shot out. Dozens of silver needles flew towards Nicole, perfectly piercing the intended
acupuncture points.

The blood drained from Nicole&39;s face. She started to panic, &34;Elisa! You! What did you do to me?&34;

Elisa chuckled. &34;Nothing much. Stay still and don&39;t move. Just answer my questions truthfully. If you
don&39;t do as I say, you might end up paralyzed. Spending the rest of your life as a vegetable on the bed
doesn&39;t sound like fun, does it, Nicole?&34;

Trying to get Nicole to slip up was a part of the plan, but Elisa&39;s goal had always been to get Nicole into
the room with her.

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