Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 1395 Cocked and Ready

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&34;No.&34; Elisa denied. She just so happened to see Nicole approaching Gareth. Gareth was holding a
wine glass.

Gareth&39;s outfit surprised Elisa. A white suit jacket? This son of a b*tch was worse than Eden!

She looked down at the floor-length black dress she was wearing. She couldn&39;t help but suspect he
may have done it on purpose.

&34;Aren&39;t supposed to be on a date?&34;

Gareth turned and saw her.

She was like a black swan floating alone on a lake with only the moon for light. Aloof. Unapproachable.
And yet no one could deny how mesmerizing she was.

However, Gareth did not forget Eden was wearing black too.

Gareth&39;s expression darkened at the thought of that man.

Elisa knew exactly what Gareth meant.

She coolly glanced at him from the corner of her eye but completely disregarded him otherwise.

She wouldn&39;t have come if her reputation hadn&39;t been questioned.

&34;What a coincidence to see you here, Ms. Tabor.&34; Feigning surprise and happiness at seeing Nicole,

Elisa sidestepped Gareth and approached her.

&34;It is a coincidence, isn&39;t it.&34; Nicole beamed at her.

But the truth was she wanted nothing to do with Elisa. It was evident to everyone that Elisa and
Thomas had tricked her into coming. And now she was pretending it was a coincidence!

Elisa grinned at her. Even though Nicole was smiling, it didn&39;t quite reach her eyes.

Elisa deliberately mentioned how they had run into each other a few days ago at a restaurant. &34;Ms.
Tabor, were you in a rush a few days ago? You didn&39;t even say hi.&34;

She carefully watched for Nicole&39;s reaction.

Nicole knew it wasn&39;t a simple invitation and had come prepared. Having guessed Elisa&39;s and Thomas&39;
intentions, she wasn&39;t going to show her hand yet.

Nicole smiled and nodded. &34;I couldn&39;t stay long and was in a hurry that day. How wonderful to see
familiar faces outside of the country. Tonight, it&39;s my treat.&34;

Nicole was being way too generous.

Elisa gave her an awkward smile. &34;Oh, don&39;t worry about it. We have Mr. Wickam here—Chairman of
Wickam Group. I&39;m sure he has better places to be than here. How about you and I go enjoy

Elisa pushed Gareth out of the circle and introduced Nicole to a game she was playing.

Nicole was shocked and slightly flustered, but she didn&39;t let her emotions show.

She was afraid Elisa might have caught on to her.

She asked in confusion, &34;What games should we play?&34;

This was true.

She realized Elisa was incredibly quick-witted. She adapted quickly, making it difficult for others to
know her true thoughts.

But Nicole had come cocked and ready. She couldn&39;t back off.

&34;Poker? Rummy? Or maybe even Truth or Dare? I&39;m completely fine if there&39;s something else you&39;d like
to play as well.&34; Elisa gave a few examples but left the ball in her court.

Nicole was in a tough spot.

Elisa would not have proposed to play a game out of the blue without any reason. Not to mention they
had never actually met before. And yet Elisa had deliberately brought up seeing her at the restaurant,
and Gareth was involved too.

Maybe Elisa had realized it.

Nicole feigned discomfort. &34;I&39;m not particularly familiar with such games, Ms. Benett. I don&39;t know which

one to pick. I think it&39;ll be much better if you recommend one. I&39;m happy to join you if you don&39;t mind
teaching me. But if you think it&39;d be too much of a hassle, then I think it&39;s best if I just watch.&34;

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