Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 1398 Have You Lost Your Mind

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Nicole&39;s subconscious movement was the tell.

But Elisa wasn&39;t in a hurry to out her. She smiled warmly, &34;It&39;s quite windy out here by the sea. If you&39;re
cold, Ms. Tabor, I can get Thomas to bring you one of Gareth&39;s coats?&34;

Elisa immediately felt a cold glare on her back. The hairs on her skin stood on end.

She knew Gareth was glaring daggers at her.

But Elisa ignored him. She did this to protect his pride and find whoever tried to poison him.

It was Nicole. She should know where she got the poison and where to find the antidote. Or at least,
she should know who had the antidote.

They wouldn&39;t need to find other remedies for the poison if there was an antidote.

&34;I… I don&39;t think it&39;s a good idea.&34; Said Nicole, but she wrapped her arms around herself as if she were

Elisa chuckled, &34;Why not? You&39;re a guest, and it&39;s just a coat. Oh, I almost forgot, Gareth&39;s right here.
He can give you his coat.&34;

She remembered the white jacket Gareth just so happened to wear…

&34;Mr. Wickam, Ms. Tabor is feeling a little chilly. Could you please borrow her your coat?&34; Elisa shot him
a smile.

She gestured for Gareth to hand her his jacket.

To her surprise, Gareth did not agree. &34;I do not lend my clothes to anyone.&34;

He coldly refused.

Nicole had to find a way out of this awkward situation. &34;It&39;s okay. I&39;ll be fine after a while. I…&34;

Nicole sneezed on purpose and wiped her nose.

Elisa had given her an opportunity, and Nicole wasn&39;t going to let it slip between her fingers. She could
pretend to have gotten a cold from the chilly seaside breeze and leave early.

But Elisa was not going to let this happen.

She rose to her feet and shot Gareth a glare. &34;You&39;re ridiculous. Have you learned nothing after our

She advanced towards Gareth.

Before Gareth could refuse, Elisa was already removing his jacket.

&34;Gareth Wickam, you had better behave!&34; Elisa whispered through gritted teeth.

Gareth was about to push her away when he saw Eden walking towards them. His arms lay still on his

sides. Elisa successfully retrieved the jacket from him.

Elisa approached Nicole.

She wrapped the jacket around her shoulders and bundled her up tightly. &34;It&39;s too windy out here, Ms.
Tabor. I wouldn&39;t want you to catch a cold. Mr. Wickam has always been particular with his clothes, but
nothing is more important than one&39;s health.&34;

&34;How could I let you catch a cold after you&39;ve come all the way here? Besides, the party hasn&39;t started
yet, and we still have some games to play. I wouldn&39;t be a good host if I let you leave like that.&34; Elisa
grinned at her and handed her the juice.

Nicole was about to take it from her when…


A quietly fuming voice called from behind her. Elisa deliberately let the glass slip from her hand before
Nicole had had a good grip on it. The juice spilled all over the front of Nicole&39;s dress

&34;Gareth Wickam, have you lost your mind?&34; Elisa turned to yell at Gareth. Nicole&39;s cry of shocked
surprise could be heard.

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