Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 1394 You Don't Believe It, Ms Benett?

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Elisa disagreed.

After all, the facts were there for everyone to see.

If Gareth listened to her, they would not have ended up divorcing.

She clearly remembered his aloofness when he tossed the divorce papers into her face.

Elisa&39;s indifference led Thomas to no choice. He pursed his lips and reminded her…

&34;But Ms. Benett, Nicole is here now. When the casino incident went down, he did not lose sight of you
and came sprinting out of the room to look for you!&34;

Elisa&39;s face darkened.

She thought back to that night…

&34;Where is he?&34; Elisa asked coolly.

She placed her glass on the table.

Thomas immediately replied, &34;Over there. Follow me, Ms. Benett.&34;

Thomas led the way.

Elisa rose to her feet. Eden hurried over and stopped her.

He frowned. He did not like what was happening. &34;Elisa, are you going back on your word?&34;

He squinted at her. His eyes were dark and threateningly cold.

&34;No.&34; Elisa denied. &34;It hasn&39;t started yet. There&39;s something I need to take care of first. I&39;ll be right

Elisa felt annoyed at Eden&39;s questioning. She agreed to the date, but he made it seem like they were a

But so what if they were a couple? That didn&39;t give him the right to her freedom.

Thomas shared her anger.

Smirking, Thomas wanted to taunt Eden, but Elisa caught onto him and interjected…

&34;You can take it as me blowing you off if you want.&34; She gave Thomas a look and indicated they should

Eden gave in and smiled at her. &34;Okay then. I&39;ll wait for you.&34;

Jogging after Elisa, Thomas asked, &34;Why did you stop me, Ms. Benett? I should have yelled at Eden
for his presumptuousness!&34;

Elisa was moved by Thomas standing up for her.

However, she still needed to warn him, &34;He is cruel and dangerous. If I hadn&39;t stopped you from yelling
at him, you wouldn&39;t live past tonight!&34;

Thomas stayed quiet. He knew Elisa was right.

After a bout of silence, he said, &34;If he is as dangerous as you say, Ms. Benett, then you shouldn&39;t risk
yourself either. You should tell Mr. Wickam if you need help with anything. I&39;m sure he&39;d take care of it.&34;

He knew how powerful Elisa was, but at the end of the day, she was but a woman.

Thomas thought it was only natural for Elisa to hide behind Mr. Wickam while he was still around.

&34;Oh… You sound pretty confident with Gareth.&34; Elisa chortled. She wasn&39;t taunting him in the least.

Thomas nodded.

As someone who had been there at the very beginning and was detached from everything, he was
clearer than anyone else.

Gareth&39;s feelings for Elisa had changed, and Thomas could tell how much he cared for her.

Elisa smiled but said nothing else.

She knew Gareth would take care of it, but they weren&39;t in the kind of relationship which she could ask
that of him. And she didn&39;t want him involved in her business anyways.

Thomas was surprised by her reaction, &34;You don&39;t believe me, Ms. Benett?&34;

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