Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 1393 What Misunderstanding Could There Be?

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They finally came to an agreement.


Nicole finally made it to Moonlight Coast.

She immediately contacted Thomas.

Realizing Nicole was calling him, Thomas ducked out to answer the call, fearing Gareth would see who
it was.

&34;I&39;ve arrived, Mr. May. Where are you?&34; Nicole asked.

&34;We&39;re at the beach. It&39;s…&34; Looking around, Thomas said, &34;It&39;s not too far from the entrance.&34;


Nicole hung up and got out of the car. Following his instructions, she made her way to their location.

It didn&39;t take long for her to find Gareth.

He was wearing a white suit jacket with black pants. His tall, slender frame was standing on the
beach… It was like he was part of the beautiful scenery.

Nicole&39;s heart skipped a beat. Picking up her skirt, she stepped towards him.

She mustered up her courage and called out to him, &34;Gareth.&34;

Gareth&39;s face darkened when he heard her voice. He turned and saw her standing not too far from him.
He gave her a sweeping glance. She was wearing a white gown with a long train.

From the looks of it, Nicole had given her outfit a lot of thought.

&34;Yes?&34; Gareth couldn&39;t help frowning when he recalled what she had done. But he could only suppress
his anger as he had no proof she did them.

Nicole immediately understood from Gareth&39;s question and expression that her presence was not

But Thomas had welcomed her.

This meant Gareth wasn&39;t the one who invited her, but Elisa!

&34;Nothing. What a coincidence to see you here. I thought I might have mistaken someone else for you,
but to my surprise, it is you.&34; Nicole chuckled, hiding how Thomas and Elisa tricked her into coming.

But she wasn&39;t going to leave just like that!

Gareth did not believe her, but he didn&39;t want to spend any more time with her.

Without another word, he turned and walked away.

His coldness towards her only confirmed her assumption.

Thomas started to freak out on the side. Thomas had invited Nicole over to use Gareth&39;s name with
Gareth&39;s knowledge, but why wasn&39;t he seizing this opportunity?

It&39;s true what they say about kings leaving the worrying to the advisors!

Thomas had no choice but to look for Elisa.

Elisa gave Thomas a blank stare when she saw him. &34;Don&39;t tell me. Something&39;s happened with

She was leisurely sipping on the juice Eden had got her.

Thomas immediately denied it. &34;Nothing&39;s wrong with Mr. Wickam. It&39;s me. I invited Nicole over under
the guise that he was the one who ordered it. I suggested he…&34;

Noticing Eden standing within earshot, Thomas leaned in and whispered into Elisa&39;s ear.

Elisa remained unmoved even after listening to his explanation. &34;If he&39;s made up his mind about it, what
makes you think I&39;ll be able to change his mind?&34;

Nicole&39;s interest in Gareth made Elisa a thorn in her side.

Who in their right mind would knowingly put themselves in this position?

&34;Ms. Benett, you&39;re incredibly intelligent. I&39;m sure you know how to fix this. Besides, Mr. Wickam listens

to you. I&39;m sure you&39;ll be able to convince him to give her a chance.&34;

&34;Thomas, you must be mistaken. He doesn&39;t listen to me.&34;

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