Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 1391 Immensely Gratifying

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Eden had brought her a long black dress, nothing too fancy, just a simple one that matched the shirt he
had on.

As they walked together in public, their coordinated outfits might catch some eyes, making people
perceive them as a couple. But Elisa didn&39;t bother. After all, these strangers had no connection to her.

Once the event was over, their paths would never cross again.

As long as she could achieve her goals, it would be enough.

Gareth couldn&39;t help but scorn Elisa as he watched her put on the dress and makeup.

&34;Watch your step, Ms. Benett. Who knows, you would fall for the wrong guy.&34;

He saw Elisa bring in a bouquet of flowers and a dress.

Elisa, however, smiled indifferently, &34;Thank you for the reminder, Mr. Wickam. But don&39;t you worry, even
if I fall, I will surely not choose someone like you again?&34;

With that, Elisa strode off and left the room.

Unfortunately, just as Elisa left, Thomas walked in.

He carried a fancy paper bag with the clothes he had been asked to get for Elisa.

Gareth&39;s expression immediately hardened, and he gave Thomas a piercing stare.

&34;What&39;s gotten into you, Thomas? You never shut up and act without permission and have zero sense
of urgency in looking for that woman at the casino. Are you done working with me? Do you still freaking
know your responsibility?&34;

Thomas was taken aback, unsure of what he had done to upset Gareth.

Everything he had suggested was for Gareth&39;s benefit and to prioritize their work.

Today, he hadn&39;t done anything out of the ordinary.

Suddenly, a thought struck him.

&34;Did that Eden guy also send clothes to Ms. Benett?&34;

Gareth didn&39;t reply, but Thomas could feel his gaze turning colder and more intense.

There was no doubt that he had hit the mark.

Thomas couldn&39;t help but blame himself.

&34;Mr. Wickam, rest assured that Ms. Benett is going out with him to uncover his true motives. That Eden
guy is keeping his identity hidden, so there&39;s no chance Ms. Benett genuinely likes or wants to be with
him,&34; Thomas reassured, scratching his head to calm Gareth down.

However, Gareth&39;s face stayed dark. Just when Thomas feared the worst, Gareth&39;s voice turned cold as
he said, &34;Make sure to increase the security detail tonight. If anything happens to her, I&39;ll hold you


&34;Roger that, Mr. Wickam!&34;

Thomas obligated without delay.

Making her way to the beach, Elisa spotted Eden in the distance, overseeing the tools and equipment
for the barbecue party. His sleeves were rolled up, his collar casually unbuttoned, and he stood with his
hands on his hips, confidently directing his team.

Elisa quipped, &34;I thought you&39;d show your sincerity by managing the work yourself.&34;

Upon hearing Elisa&39;s voice, Eden immediately turned his head.

She caught his attention as she gracefully donned the black slinky dress he had chosen.

Her tall, slender stature and fair skin exuded an alluring charm.

The black hue perfectly accentuated her complexion. And she had also put on makeup.

Even in the dimness of the night, her unparalleled noble aura shone through, impossible to conceal.
Undoubtedly, such grace and presence were inherent to her.

Admittedly, killing her would be the way to eradicate any future complications.

But then Eden had a change of heart. He found himself drawn to her and yearned to tame someone

like Elisa, fulfilling his desire for conquest.

The feeling of triumph and accomplishment from taming her would be immensely gratifying.

Meanwhile, Eden noticed his wandering thoughts and quickly restrained himself. He beamed a
charming smile, &34;If you&39;re open to it, I&39;m more than willing to oblige. Otherwise, with persistence and
determination, favorable outcomes can still be achieved.&34;

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