Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 1390 Love at First Sight

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Eden was aware of her medical expertise and intuitive nature. There was more to his knowledge than
met the eye.

Elisa&39;s lips curved into a smirk as she responded, &34;My consultation fee is steep, and I don&39;t treat
patients with mental disorders. Keep the dress with you. I have no use for them!&34;

Her words dripped with coldness and indifference while a smile played on her lips.

As she prepared to close the door, Eden swiftly extended his leg, placing it horizontally in the doorway,
thwarting Elisa&39;s attempt.

A smile lingered on Eden&39;s lips as he stood beneath the soft glow of the light, donning a smoky gray
shirt that exuded a hint of wickedness and ethereal charm.

Elisa felt her annoyance growing with each passing moment of Eden&39;s presence. She mustered a slight
smile and swiftly aimed a well-aimed kick at Eden&39;s knee, precisely hitting his acupoint.

Eden winced in pain but remained silent as he withdrew his foot.

Unfazed by his endurance, Elisa slammed the door shut, cutting off any further interaction.

She had her limits, and if repeated warnings went unheeded, she was not to be blamed for taking
decisive action!

In an instant, Eden stepped back, and two burly bodyguards dressed in sleek black suits emerged from
the shadows.

&34;Your Highness, are you alright? Do you need us...&34; One of the bodyguards intervened and said, but
Eden cut him off with a beckon.

&34;I don&39;t need your interference, and make sure they know not to meddle either. I can handle Elisa!&34;

The faces of the two bodyguards subtly changed, and one of them whispered, &34;But the Princess is
already livid. She claims you&39;re not taking things seriously and engaging in promiscuous relationships.
Her suggestion is to seize the opportunity and quickly eliminate Elisa Benett!&34;

Upon hearing this, Eden&39;s expression immediately darkened. His gaze narrowed, and in the next
second, he swiftly locked the bodyguard by the throat.



Two sounds resonated simultaneously. A scornful smirk formed on Eden&39;s face as the bodyguard

&34;Go back and tell her if she values her current position, she&39;d better keep her nose out of my business.&34;

The other bodyguard&39;s face had drained of color due to fear, rendering him speechless.

However, he had no choice but to heed Eden&39;s words. &34;Yes, Your Highness.&34;

&34;Get rid of the body,&34; Eden said icily before placing the clothes and flowers on Elisa&39;s doorstep. He then

turned around and walked away.

Meanwhile, Elisa witnessed the entire incident through the peephole.

However, Elisa couldn&39;t catch any conversation between Eden and the two bodyguards due to the
room&39;s excellent soundproofing. She could only witness Eden&39;s ruthless actions firsthand.

Everything unfolded just as she had anticipated. Eden, this man, was both ruthless and dangerous.

&34;If you&39;re so unwilling, why didn&39;t you leave together earlier?&34; Gareth&39;s voice suddenly pierced Elisa&39;s
ears, infused with a touch of mockery.

&34;Why do you care?&34; Elisa cast a disdainful glance at Gareth.

Gareth&39;s contemptible words were growing increasingly sarcastic.

She couldn&39;t be bothered to deal with him anymore and simply turned her back on him.

A few minutes later, she went out and brought in the things Eden had left behind.

Since Eden had personally delivered the dress, it was only polite for her to reciprocate his sincerity and
go along with his intentions to uncover his true motives.

She would never know his true intentions if she didn&39;t take this step.

Eden&39;s tenacity left Elisa genuinely puzzled. Aware of his intimidating and dangerous nature, she didn&39;t

know why he would go to such lengths just to establish a connection with her.

The possibility of love at first sight seemed far-fetched and out of sync with their circumstances!

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