Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 1378 Time Bomb

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Irene listened to the beeping end tone in her phone. Eden&39;s grave, cold, and sullen face kept appearing
in her mind.

She was also a princess of a country. There were countless people under her!

Yet as she received such a warning from Eden, she felt humiliated. And all of it happened because of

Her hatred for Elisa deepened. The rage in her eyes was fueled with resentment.

Elisa would die in her hand sooner or later!

Elisa and Gareth found a corner without anyone else.

There was a private room a few meters away.

The event had not started. They could have a little time to rest in the room without any disturbances.

Elisa immediately suggested to Gareth, &34;Gareth, let&39;s go to the room.&34;


He replied in a low voice and followed Elisa.

When they were nearing the room, Elisa naturally pushed the hand on her waist away.

As no one was around, they could be themselves freely.

Elisa spotted a couch and plopped onto it.

She raised her head and saw Gareth&39;s frigid expression. She could not help but furrow her forehead.
&34;What&39;s with the face?&34;

He picked her clothes.

They were matching colors unbeknownst to her.


&39;Knock knock&39;

There was knocking on the door.

Thomas pushed the door open. But he had an unpleasant expression on his face.

&34;Mr. Wickam, Ms. Elisa, someone from the casino notified. Something unexpected came up, and the
boss can not attend tonight. The banquet will be postponed until two days later. Tonight&39;s event will just
be a normal masquerade ball.&34;

Thomas dared not look at Gareth and Elisa. When he heard the news, he felt that the casino&39;s boss
was playing them, much less the two.

As expected, their expression turned surly.

Displeased, Elisa said, &34;I don&39;t want to join this ball. You stay if you want. Just remember not to drink.
Thomas, send me back to the hotel first.&34;

The casino wanted it to be brought forward, and now, they wanted to postpone it.

Who would know what tricks they had up their sleeve?

She had no patience to join the banquet. In any way, her main goal was obtaining Ganoderma Caligo,
which could heal Grandma&39;s sickness.

Now that Ganoderma Caligo was in their hands, she would return the next day if Gareth wanted to stay.

&34;Do you think you can leave alone when we come together?&34; He raised a brow and replied.

The next moment, he was standing right before her.

The tall figure towered over her, blocking all the lights.

Elisa had no objection if he wanted to leave together.

They stepped out of the casino. The group of men followed closely and cornered them into a blind

One of the men looked at them menacingly and said gruffly, &34;Hand over the Ganoderma Caligo, and
we&39;ll let you go. If you refuse, I&39;ll activate this time bomb in my hand!&34;

Elisa was pleased when she saw the situation but pretended to be frightened. &34;Who are you?&34;

She tugged Gareth&39;s sleeve.

Gareth immediately understood and cooperated. &34;We offered ten trillion for the Ganoderma Caligo at
the auction…&34;

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