Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 1387 Playful Banter

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Upon hearing that it was Vincent on the other end of the line, Gareth&39;s furrowed brows eased, and the
restlessness and anger in his heart gradually dissipated.

Gareth was taken aback by this sudden shift in his emotions.

Meanwhile, Elisa had made her way to the terrace and leaned against the railing, a playful smile
gracing her lips. She quipped, &34;Wooing Rachel can be both simple and difficult, but the key is to
understand and cater to her preferences.&34;

It never occurred to her that Vincent would call her for advice.

Elisa was willing to share all her knowledge about Rachel and help Vincent in navigating their complex
situation. However, the decision on how much Vincent would compromise for Rachel ultimately rested
with him.

Their situation was intricately tangled, and Elisa was unsure of Vincent&39;s desires for a future with

In fact, Rachel also had feelings for Vincent. And Elisa&39;s role was limited to offering words and
suggestions. Whether their paths were meant to cross if Vincent genuinely sought redemption and if
Rachel was willing to forgive him... Only time could tell. Elisa could only observe from the sidelines.

Vincent, on the other hand, was in a dilemma. &34;How do I cater to her preferences?&34;

&34;Find out what she likes and enjoys doing, and ask her out. She&39;s straightforward, so it&39;s better to be
direct with her,&34; Elisa said, smiling.

&34;I... I&39;ve asked her out many times, but she just refuses!&34; Vincent felt somewhat frustrated.

Frustrated with the constant bickering and stagnation in his friendship with Rachel, he wondered if
confessing his feelings would push her further away.

Vincent felt a sense of turmoil as he recalled a friend&39;s similar experience, where the relationship
soured to losing their friendship altogether.

In distress, Vincent finally swallowed his pride and consulted with Elisa.

Elisa replied, &34;Sorry, I can&39;t help you right now. I&39;ve got some stuff to sort out here, and it looks like I
won&39;t be able to wrap it up for another four or five days.&34;

Vincent was a bit surprised by the timeframe. &34;Really? I thought it would only take two or three days.
Why&39;s it taking so long?&34;

Showing her frustration, Elisa shrugged and said, &34;I wish I could speed things up, but Gareth&39;s dealing
with some unexpected problems. If you need my help, you&39;ll have to wait until I&39;m back.&34;

&34;So, what&39;s his deal?&34; Vincent asked nonchalantly, but Elisa could detect the underlying concern
between close friends.

Elisa didn&39;t elaborate much, stating simply, &34;Don&39;t worry, he&39;s not in any danger.&34;

&34;Tsk,&34; Vincent sneered, &34;that lucky b*stard always manages to escape unscathed. It wouldn&39;t hurt for
him to stumble a bit more along the way.&34;

&34;I... I&39;ve asked her out many times, but she just refuses!&34; Vincent felt somewhat frustrated.

Elisa raised an eyebrow in response, choosing to remain silent.

After a moment of silence, Vincent&39;s voice came through.

&34;Alright, then I&39;ll wait for your return.&34; Vincent still believed that having Elisa&39;s help would be more


Afterward, Elisa ended the call.

Upon entering the living room, Elisa noticed Gareth still seated on the sofa, engrossed in his phone,
evidently preoccupied with company matters.

Respecting his concentration, Elisa refrained from disturbing him and quietly retreated to her room.

Meanwhile, Thomas took the opportunity to update Gareth on the progress of the assigned tasks. &34;That
guy Eden is making preparations for tonight&39;s barbecue. We&39;ve reached out to others for further
investigation, and the information gathered by Ms. Benett aligns with our findings. Now, as for that
woman... the casino&39;s surveillance footage only captured her fleeing the private room, and conveniently
enough, the casino claims that all their cameras malfunctioned.&34;

&34;We&39;ve made every effort to communicate with the casino, but they consider that woman
inconsequential and not worth investing a fortune to rectify the camera issue.&34;

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