Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 1383 Intruder

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Gareth wasn&39;t particularly polite when asking for her help. She wasn&39;t his servant, so she couldn&39;t be

&34;It feels wrong,&34; Gareth mumbled, his expression serious and cold.

But Elisa didn&39;t heed his chagrin, &34;Then let Thomas help you apply it in your room, and then you come

&34;This is medicinal oil.&34;

Gareth effectively silenced Elisa with a single sentence.

Elisa knew her way around medicine and understood his message loud and clear.

To properly absorb the medicinal oil required skilled massage techniques.

This guy had the nerve to ask for her help without even a hint of politeness.

Reluctantly, but considering his current condition, Elisa held back her dissatisfaction towards his unkind

&34;Go lie down on the beach,&34; Elisa instructed, grabbing the bottle of medicinal oil from the table and
tossing it to Gareth.

Gareth complied without putting up a fight.

Being a professional, Elisa swiftly applied the oil and skillfully massaged him.

After finishing the massage, Elisa forcefully slapped his back a few times. &34;Alright, you&39;ve had enough
sun for two hours.&34;

Gareth&39;s disrespectful attitude certainly warranted Elisa&39;s less-than-polite handling!

The sun at the beach was intense, and after two hours, the contrast between Gareth&39;s sun-kissed skin
and Elisa&39;s fair complexion was very much noticeable.

Thomas also noticed it but chose not to comment.

However, just as they were about to sit down for a meal, an unwanted guest arrived.

&34;Hi, Ms. Benett, looks like we&39;ve crossed paths again,&34; Eden chimed in with a playful tone and a
mischievous smile, his wicked face looming in front of Elisa.

Elisa&39;s expression soured, but she remained focused on her meal without acknowledging him.

Undeterred, Eden casually pulled up a chair and sat next to Elisa.

Today, he wore a white shirt with the top two buttons unfastened and the chest slightly exposed,
revealing his fair skin.

Leaning against the back of the chair, he exuded an air of wickedness, decadence, and arrogance.

&34;Ms. Benett, we didn&39;t have a chance to say goodbye at the banquet. As the saying goes, &39;absence

makes the heart grow fonder.&39; I actually dreamt about you last night,&34; he said with a hint of teasing in
his voice.

Seeing Elisa&39;s lack of response, Eden smirked, his words carrying a touch of provocation.

Why did he openly confess that he dreamt about her? It was pretty clear that such words held a
specific erotic meaning.

Thomas also noticed it but chose not to comment.

However, Elisa knew that Eden was deliberately trying to provoke her. She had no intention of falling
into his trap. Maintaining a composed demeanor, she deliberately avoided making eye contact with

&34;Thomas, please show him out,&34; Gareth instructed. Well, Elisa could pretend Eden was invisible, but he

Gareth had no interest in sharing a table with strangers, especially someone as talkative as Eden.

Noticing Gareth&39;s cold and flustered expression, Thomas promptly followed his command and
addressed Eden, &34;Sir, it&39;s our dining time now. Please wait until we finish our meal if you have
something to discuss.&34;

Eden completely disregarded Thomas&39; words. He leaned closer to Elisa and casually asked, &34;I haven&39;t
eaten and am hungry. Mind if I join you, Ms. Benett?&34;

Only then Elisa turned her gaze toward him.

Even though that wasn&39;t the case, Elisa realized that Eden had a way with words, making it seem like
they were long-time friends. She couldn&39;t help but wonder about Eden&39;s motivations.

&34;Liz, if you find it too noisy or hot here, we can have our food packed and dine in our room,&34; Gareth
suggested, an imperious smile forming on his face, making it clear that his proposal left no room for

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