Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 1379 Do You Think We Are Still Being Watched?

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Old Lace, the leader among the five men fired his gun impatiently, interrupting Gareth&39;s words. Thomas
also drew his gun but was quickly subdued by the group before he could pull the trigger.

Seeing this, the man detoxified by Elisa revealed a time bomb in her hand and held it up, warning,
&34;Stop! You have one minute. Give us the Ganoderma Caligo, or prepare to be blown to pieces!&34;

Elisa feigned anxiety and suggested, &34;Gareth, just give them the Ganoderma Caligo. The casino owner
is hosting a party in two days; we can ask him where else to get it again.&34;

Gareth looked grim, with a furrowed brow, but said nothing.

Elisa didn&39;t pay much heed and immediately handed over the fake Ganoderma Caligo to the man
known as Terry, all while giving him a subtle nod.

Terry sneered, &34;You&39;re smart and know when to back down! Consider yourself lucky this time!&34;

They took the Ganoderma Caligo and drove away.

&34;Terry, what if Boss catches wind of something fishy when we bring back the Ganoderma Caligo like

Old Lace was freaking out, worried sick about the possibility of their Boss sniffing out their deeds,
especially since, except for Terry, they were still stuck with the d*mn poison coursing through their

Despite their doubts and fears, Terry backed Elisa steadfastly, &34;I trust Ms. Benett. I saw a doctor who
confirmed that I was free from poison. Ms. Benett doesn&39;t know which doctor I visited, so collusion is
impossible. Boss desperately needs the Ganoderma Caligo, and Ms. Benett has a plan. Back there,
she signaled me to take all of you to her once the Ganoderma Caligo is delivered.&34;

The others were hesitant and nervous, but they had no alternative but to follow Terry&39;s lead.

Elisa sighed, &34;We were too careless. Our original plan was to negotiate with the casino owner tonight
using the Ganoderma Caligo, but now...&34;

&34;We had no other choice. When our lives are on the line, discarding our plans is the only way forward,&34;
Gareth asserted in a frigid tone, his expression devoid of empathy.

Thomas waited to start the car until Elisa and Gareth settled in the back seat.

Glancing at the rearview mirror, he saw Elisa leaning back in her seat, her eyes focused on her phone,
while Gareth kept his gaze fixed. Though they remained silent, the tension on their faces had

Thomas couldn&39;t help but ask, &34;Ms. Benett, do you think we&39;re still being watched?&34;

&34;That&39;s for sure,&34; Elisa replied, sitting straight in her seat. She chuckled softly, &34;with so many people
bidding for the Ganoderma Caligo and being unable to get it through legitimate means, they will
undoubtedly resort to underhanded tactics!&34;

This was precisely why she saw potential in the five of the men.

Moreover, it was fortunate that their boss had a deep-seated distrust of others and relied on poison to
maintain control, which presented an opportunity for her.

She went along with the situation, putting on a performance in front of others and allowing those
around them to believe that the Ganoderma Caligo had been stolen by someone else.

By doing so, their focus would shift away from them!

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