Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 1380 Steadily Dropping

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Upon hearing her words, Thomas had a sudden realization and a smile formed on his face. He
complimented, &34;Ms. Benett, you&39;re amazing!&34;

However, Elisa didn&39;t attribute their success solely to herself. She also recognized the great
collaboration of Gareth, who was seated beside her, &34;And thanks to Mr. Wickam&39;s cooperation as well.&34;

At that moment, Thomas found himself at a loss for words because Elisa was right. Mr. Wickam&39;s
cooperation had indeed caught him off guard. However, Elisa&39;s dedication and hard work made
everything possible.

From his vantage point, he could see that they were in sync. If they hadn&39;t gotten divorced, their
relationship would have likely evolved to a more intimate stage by now.

But despite his wish to see them get back together, he never dared to play the matchmaker!

Nicole had just arrived at the casino when she received an update from her subordinate, &34;Ms. Tabor,
the party organized by KKCD has been postponed to two days later, and it&39;s now a masquerade ball.
Many people have left because of the delay, including Gareth and Elisa.&34;

Feeling frustrated that she had come for nothing, Nicole&39;s expression turned grim. She immediately
went to the place where Aaron was being held.

Aaron saw her and grinned mischievously, &34;Did you miss me, Baby?&34;

Nicole glared at him and asked, &34;What do you think?&34;

Aaron smirked, &34;I think you did.&34;

A storm brewed on Nicole&39;s face as she sneered at the smug Aaron before her. &34;Do you honestly think
your disgusting smile will make me go easy on you?&34;

&34;I never expected you&39;d go easy on me,&34; Aaron replied with a chuckle.

&34;When you&39;re chasing after someone, it&39;s to be expected that obstacles will arise, and I understand that
you still hold a grudge. But keep in mind that fortunes can be fickle.&34; Despite his chuckle, delivered in a
hoarse tone, Aaron&39;s arrogance showed no sign of waning in Nicole&39;s eyes.

&34;Don&39;t for a second think that your smile can fool me,&34; Nicole retorted with a hard edge to her voice.

&34;You&39;re already trapped here by me, and there&39;s no way you&39;re getting out anytime soon.&34;

Aaron&39;s smirk remained on his face, and he drew out his words, sounding incredibly wicked and
dangerous as he said, &34;Care for a little bet?&34;

&34;On what?&34; Nicole asked, her brows furrowed with intense confusion.

She had kept him locked up for several days, but he had never once begged for her mercy.

There was never even a hint of fear in his eyes!

Seeing that he had piqued Nicole&39;s interest, Aaron&39;s smirk grew even more pronounced and menacing
as he said, &34;Let&39;s bet on whether or not you&39;ll fall in love with me.&34;

&34;... F*ck off!&34;

Upon hearing such a bet, Nicole&39;s patience evaporated instantly, especially considering the steamy
night they had spent together that continued to linger in her mind.

If it were not for him, she wouldn&39;t have spent the past few days anxiously awaiting the chance to mate
with Gareth. If it weren&39;t for him, she wouldn&39;t have had to hastily escape from Elisa or play a game of
cat and mouse, avoiding them at every turn!

Though Nicole was more frustrated than ever, she managed to restrain her emotions, turned around,
and departed from the small, dark room. Aaron watched her go as a faint smile played about his lips.

Meanwhile, in Gareth&39;s room, Elisa grew suspicious as she watched Thomas enter with two blankets.
Intrigued, she followed him inside and was taken aback to find Gareth lying on the bed, bundled up in
the two blankets.

Furrowing her brows, she approached him and gently placed her hand on his pulse. It became evident
to her that his pulse was feeble and his body temperature was steadily dropping.

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