Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 1370 Did You Take the Video?

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Many were eyeing Elisa because the Hesperis, which was worth ten trillion, was in her hand. Yet, she
went shopping carefreely.

No one would believe that she had no plans, but the fact that she dared to show up in public showed
that she must be confident. Such courage and composure were not ordinary.

Although his subordinate failed to trace anything about Elisa, he was sure that Elisa must be related to
the person in his memory.

Meanwhile, Elisa turned to look at Thomas in the mall after Gareth paid at the counter. &34;Did you take
the video?&34;

&34;Yes. I&39;ve sent it to Old Madam Wickam.&34; Thomas nodded and answered honestly. Then, he passed
the phone back to Gareth, but Elisa took it away before Gareth could receive it.

The chat box was filled with messages from Julia.

&39;Have you eaten?&39;

&39;What are you doing?&39;

&39;Where&39;s Elisa?&39;

Gareth only replied with short answers after a long time.

Elisa felt sorry for Julia when she saw it. Grandma is not doing well, yet she always thinks about him.
He would rather spend his time stirring up trouble but wouldn&39;t reply to Grandma&39;s message!

Just as Elisa was about to say something, a notification popped up on the phone – it was a message
from Julia. &39;Good job. Be sure to make Elisa happy and bring her back. I only approve of you and Elisa.
I&39;m still waiting for a great-grandchild. You better make my wish come true.&39;

Elisa&39;s heart sank when she saw the message. They wouldn&39;t have divorced if things could work out
between them.

Nevertheless, she pretended not to see the message and returned the phone to Gareth. &34;How much
did you spend just now? I&39;ll transfer the money to you.&34; She uttered coldly while taking her phone out of
her pocket.

&34;It&39;s okay. Take it as your compensation for coming here to treat me. I&39;m hungry. Thomas, find a
restaurant.&34; Gareth turned to order Thomas.

Thomas found an Italian restaurant and booked a private room as requested by Gareth.

Little did they expect to bump into Nicole while they were walking upstairs.

Nicole was surprised to see Gareth, but a timid look quickly came upon her face. Then, she walked
past them without even saying hello.

Nicole&39;s reaction made Elisa suspicious. Nicole was madly in love with Gareth; her eyes would glisten

in joy whenever she met Gareth.

After hesitating briefly, she turned to look at Thomas. Perceiving that he was pondering upon
something too, she asked, &34;Thomas, did you manage to find out who was the person who barged into
the room that day?&34;

Thomas regained his composure and replied, &34;Not yet. The woman impersonated you. I&39;ve contacted
the casino. The staff told me that the footage of her entering and leaving the private room has been

Gareth knitted his brows. Looking at Nicole, who left in a panic, he asked sternly, &34;Do you suspect that
woman is Nicole?&34;

&34;Mm-hmm.&34; Elisa didn&39;t deny it because Nicole&39;s reaction was strange.

&34;Thomas, have someone tail her.&34; Gareth uttered indifferently.

Elisa&39;s suspicion was not baseless. It would be good if the woman weren&39;t Nicole. Otherwise, she had
to pay the price for her actions.

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