Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 1367 What's the Deal Between You and Eden

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&34;The stuff is in the room.&34;

Elisa frowned in annoyance when she heard Gareth&39;s words. Given his expression, he was clearly
interfering with her matter. We&39;re not husband and wife anymore. Who is he to meddle with my affair?
He has no right to control where I want to go.

&34;Let&39;s go.&34; Elisa resolutely left Gareth behind as she didn&39;t want to be bothered by him.

The poisoned man was in a quandary, thinking if he should follow Elisa. After hesitating for a while, he
went after Elisa because his life was the most important.

Thomas could sense the atmosphere in the room becoming more intense, with Gareth&39;s face turning as
cold as ice. If Gareth could kill someone with his vehemence, the man would have died long ago!

&34;Mr. Wickam, Ms. Elisa is just helping the man to detoxify. You witnessed it just now – she had no
regard for the man at all. This man is not Ms. Elisa&39;s…&34;

Before Thomas could finish his sentence, Gareth shot a fierce glare at him, causing him to clam up.

After entering the bedroom, Elisa fed the man a white pill. Then, she made an incision on the man&39;s
wrist and treated him with acupuncture.

Soon, Gareth came into the room. Elisa heard his footsteps but didn&39;t spare a glance at him.

In the next five minutes, she completely ignored Gareth and was focused on treating the man.

&34;Is it not done yet?&34; Gareth frowned sullenly as he had lost his patience.

&34;What&39;s the rush?&34; Elisa rebuked him coldly. Gareth had had his medicine, and it wasn&39;t time for a meal

&34;I&39;m feeling unwell.&34; Gareth blurted coldly.

Elisa glanced frigidly at Gareth with a frown, thinking he did it on purpose. Then, she looked at the
poisoned man. She had neutralized the poison in him.

Looking at the bowl of black blood, Elisa retrieved the needles from the man&39;s body and uttered, &34;If you
don&39;t believe I&39;ve removed the poison, you can check with your previous doctor. However, I didn&39;t save
you without a price. You have to get the job done!&34;

&34;Okay. What do you want me to do?&34; The man asked weakly. Nonetheless, he felt much at ease

Hearing the man&39;s direct question, Elisa went straight to the point. &34;It is difficult for one to accomplish
something on his own. Besides, one can make wiser decisions when faced with life and death. The pill
you took just now is a drug I specially made. My request is simple – partner with your four brothers and
bring Hesperis back to KKCD Casino to your master. When it is done, you and your brothers will regain

In other words, if the man didn&39;t revert to Elisa, he would die from Elisa&39;s drug.

The man mulled over it and his situation before agreeing to Elisa&39;s condition.

With that, they exchanged their contact number.

When Gareth saw the deal between Elisa and the poisoned man, he was reminded of a man named
Eden and what Thomas had told him. His expression turned ghastly. &34;So, what&39;s the deal between you
and Eden?&34;

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