Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 1363 Is He Playing With Me?

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&34;I need to prepare your medicine.&34;

Elisa walked away after saying that and ignored Gareth.

Gareth did not speak but stared at her sternly with a grim expression.

Once the medicine was ready, he frowned and complained, &34;Why is the medicine always so bitter?&34;

&34;Medicine is supposed to be bitter. I didn&39;t hear you complain about it this morning. If you find it bitter,
you should call Thomas to bring you candies,&34; Elisa retorted immediately.

Elisa looked at him innocently, but she was being sarcastic.

He&39;s not a kid. Why would he need candies when taking medicine?

Moreover, he&39;s the president of Wickam Group.

&34;It&39;s because you left with Thomas this morning.&34;

Gareth furrowed his brow.

That&39;s why…

&34;I&39;ll call Thomas,&34; Elisa replied, pulling out her phone.

&34;I don&39;t want another person to find out about this,&34; Gareth responded coldly and made her put her

phone away.

In other words, she had to do it herself.

&34;I&39;ll get you a glass of honey water.&34;

She did not bother to wait for Gareth&39;s response and called room service.

Five people listened from their hidden spot as she talked to the hotel receptionist and finally found their

One of the men volunteered, &34;Boss! I&39;ll dress as an attendant and deliver the honey water. You all
should wait outside. Once I have drugged them, I will call you to come in. It will work this time!&34;

&34;Sure, you go ahead.&34; The leader of the group did not want to miss this rare chance.

Thus, one of them disguised himself as an attendant and brought a glass of honey water to Elisa and
Gareth&39;s suite before knocking on the door.

Gareth looked at the glass of honey water sullenly.

&34;The honey water is here. Drink up, and I&39;ll give you an injection later.&34;

Seeing Gareth refused to move, Elisa stepped forward to bring him the glass of honey water.

However, Gareth still refused to accept it.

&34;I&39;ve already taken the medicine.&34;

&34;I&39;m sorry, sir. The staff prepared the drink the moment they received your order. Once they gave it to
me, I sent it here quickly. I apologize if we were too slow.&34; The man saw how stern Gareth was and
apologized immediately.

&34;What use is your apology?&34; Gareth scoffed. His expression remained grim.

Elisa glanced at Gareth in astonishment.

Is something wrong with him?

He complained that the medicine was bitter. Why is he finding fault now?

Wait a minute. Could he be unhappy that I didn&39;t prepare the honey water myself?

That b*strd!

&34;Are you going to drink it or not? If not, I&39;ll tell him to take it back.&34;

Elisa brought the glass of honey water to him again, but he remained stubborn.

&34;I won&39;t drink it,&34; Gareth answered indifferently.

However, he suddenly lashed out at the attendant in the next second. &34;How could you be so slow? I
want to talk to your manager. How is such service worthy of a five-star hotel?&34;

Gareth appeared cold and hostile.

Elisa narrowed her eyes and looked at Gareth strangely. Something&39;s not right. He&39;s not usually like
that. Did he notice something wrong with this person?

Elisa considered and looked at the attendant.

The attendant instantly panicked. They asked for a glass of honey water. Why do they reject it? Could
they have discovered my identity? Are they acting like this to trap me?

No, it&39;s too late to think about this. I must do something now that I&39;m here. We might never get another

The attendant&39;s expression turned cold. He pulled out a small dagger from his pocket and rushed
toward Elisa.

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