Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 1362 Black-Eyed Susan, Prince?

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The message piqued Elisa&39;s interest.

It popped up after I tried to breach Estoccia&39;s system. Could Eden be an important official in Estoccia?
If he were an ordinary citizen, I would have found out who he was.

With that thought in mind, Elisa was sure that Eden was influential in Estoccia.

Therefore, she withdrew the Trojan Horse she had sent.

Meanwhile, senior personnel in charge of the Estoccia cyber system noticed Elisa withdrawing the
Trojan Horse. He immediately made a phone call.

&34;Prince Eden, we proceeded as you instructed. The attacker has also withdrawn her Trojan Horse.&34;


Eden chuckled and grinned sinisterly.

He did not expect Elisa to have access to an internationally renowned hacker.

Suddenly, another thought popped into his mind.

Could Elisa be that renowned hacker?

Otherwise, how could she withdraw the Trojan Horse soon after reading the message? She would have
to be the hacker to act that fast.

After all, she came to Moranta with only Gareth and Thomas, the assistant. Neither of the guys seems
like a secret hacker.

Thus, Elisa must be the hacker.

Eden smirked at the thought.

He felt mischievous and decided to call Elisa.

Elisa saw his call and hesitated briefly before answering it. &34;If you&39;re calling about the matter, you can
forget it.&34;

&34;Why must I forget it, my dear Black-Eyed Susan?&34;

Eden laughed in a low tone. His voice was coarse and bewitching.

Elisa frowned upon hearing him, but she soon collected herself and laughed. &34;I think you&39;re delusional.
We are not friends, so stop giving me nicknames.&34;

&34;Is that so?&34; Eden asked languidly.

He had already gotten his answer when Elisa hesitated for a few seconds.

Elisa crossed her arms and was annoyed by Eden&39;s refusal to reveal his intention. &34;I&39;m not in the mood
to put up with your nonsense. You had better tell me what your purpose is.&34;

He called to test me.

Judging from his behavior, could he be Estoccia&39;s president or Secretary of State?

However, Elisa soon dismissed her theory. People in those positions would not behave in such a
devious and reckless manner.

There can only be one possibility. He is a prince in Estoccia. That must be why Estoccia guards his

After realizing this, Elisa did not want to expose that she was Black-Eyed Susan.

&34;Forget it. I can&39;t figure out your intention. Don&39;t ever contact me again.&34;

Elisa hung up after saying that.

Unexpectedly, Eden messaged her.

&39;You will need me one day.&39;

Elisa saw the message and deleted it immediately. She even blocked the number.

&34;Who were you talking to?&34;

Gareth&39;s gruff voice suddenly sounded outside her room, frightening Elisa. Her heart nearly leaped out
of her chest from the scare, but she soon regained her composure.

&34;I was talking to Eden on the phone. By the way, I figured out who he is. He&39;s a prince in Estoccia. We
need to be careful for now.&34; She did not try to hide the matter from Gareth.

After all, there was no point hiding who Eden was. He must have appeared to them for a reason. Thus,
they had to take precautions, or else they would be in trouble.

Gareth&39;s expression darkened upon hearing the word &39;Eden.&39; However, before he could say anything,
Elisa suddenly recalled another matter.

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