Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 1360 Censored

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Elisa&39;s gaze flashed intimidatingly.

Eden saw it and did not want to anger her further. &34;You&39;re right. You have my number. Feel free to
contact me once you change your mind. I&39;ll be waiting for you.&34;

&34;That will never happen.&34;

Elisa refuted immediately and stood up to leave.

Seeing her persistence, Eden consciously stepped aside.

That prompted Elisa to relax her clenched fist. Previously, she thought he would stop her and was
ready to fight back.

Instead, he let her walk off freely.

However, the complete lack of obstruction gave Elisa the sense that things would get worse from now

Her instinct told her that Eden was more devious than he appeared.

&34;Ms. Benett, are you all right?&34;

Thomas rushed to Elisa as soon as she exited the room.

He remained alert while Elisa was conversing with Eden.

Thomas had noticed Elisa&39;s fierce expression and was ready to act. He was prepared to rush in and
help Elisa if she were to fight Eden.

&34;I&39;m fine,&34; Elisa replied flatly.

She already had a plan in mind.

&34;Ms. Benett, I think he deliberately induced you to come here and get you to do something for him.&34;

That man is hiding something. He looks dangerous!

Thomas noticed the smile on Eden&39;s face when he approached Elisa and felt a chill down his spine.

&34;I don&39;t know what he wants, but we must be careful now. Let&39;s return to the hotel.&34; Elisa seemed

Thomas looked at Elisa&39;s reaction and decided not to dwell on the matter.

Once they arrived at the hotel, Elisa returned to her suite.

She turned on her laptop and keyed in the café&39;s name. In less than a minute, she hacked into the
café&39;s security system and downloaded surveillance footage of her meeting with Eden.

Then she took a high-definition screenshot of the scene when Eden removed his mask.

She sent a picture of his unmasked face to the Dark Web and executed a search operation. In less

than three minutes, information about Eden&39;s identity popped up on her screen.

Unfortunately, all she could find was a brief introduction. &39;Eden, aged twenty-nine from Estoccia.&39;

There was no further information.

Seeing this, Elisa instantly understood something.

As expected, Eden was no ordinary man. Even the Dark Web could not provide much information
about his identity. Thus, she decided to hack Estoccia&39;s system. A fortified firewall guarded the system.
Elisa breached one layer after another. Ultimately, she created a Trojan Horse to attack the system.

She would receive a message once it successfully breached the firewalls.

Meanwhile, Gareth listened to a full report by Thomas about Elisa&39;s meeting with Eden.

Gareth remained silent as he heard. However, Thomas noticed Gareth&39;s gaze had turned intimidatingly
cold and instantly knew what he was thinking.

&34;Investigate the man.&34;

When Gareth said that, Thomas already knew Gareth would fight that man to the end, no matter his
identity or status.

He could see how bothered Gareth was by this matter.

Thomas believed Gareth cared about Elisa and would never allow anyone to harm or spy on her.

&34;You don&39;t have to investigate. I already found who he is. His name is Eden, but I can&39;t find much
information about him. Moreover, many of his details have been censored.&34;

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