Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 1354 They Were Tricked

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&34;Your suggestion is good, but we are in danger.&34;

Elisa prepared a plan based on Thomas&39; suggestion.

Enemies now targeted them and would intercept anything they sent out. Thus, it was impossible to
deliver Ganoderma Caligo back home by courier.

However, if they were to grind it to powder, they would not be able to pass airport security.

Her words prompted Thomas and Gareth to consider the matter seriously.

Before they could devise a plan, Elisa calmly proposed, &34;Isn&39;t KKCD Casino having a ball soon? We
can ask the casino owner for help.&34;

Gareth grunted and thought her idea could work.

Since Gareth implicitly agreed to the plan, Thomas had nothing more to say.

Soon, the car arrived at the hotel.

Elisa took off her high heels and wore bathroom slippers before entering the bathroom.

Gareth looked at her back profile. Memories of her alluring figure appeared clearly in his mind.

He gulped and quickly cleared those thoughts.

He thought it was the after-effect of the drug and left for the other bathroom.

Meanwhile, the atmosphere was tense in the opulent casino.

Joseph caught the gang of men who had breached into the private lounge to search for Ganoderma
Caligo. Numerous guns were pointed at them.

He narrowed his eyes and looked at them viciously, &34;What were you all up to? Were you trying to tear
down the casino?&34;

The gang of men began to panic. Only their leader managed to get his act together. He took a deep
breath and explained, &34;We are here to find something in this room.&34;

They disguised themselves as customers and entered the casino before sneaking into the private
lounge to search for the item. None of them expected the staff to be watching them the moment they
got in.

The owner of KKCD Casino was not someone they could mess with. They did not want to worsen the

Joseph heard the explanation and laughed. &34;These private lounges are only open during the auction.
You are not sent here by Gareth and Elisa, right?&34;

Joseph instantly guessed who they were from their reactions. His words grew harsh and derisive.

&34;Don&39;t you realize how stupid you all are? Why would they leave Ganoderma Caligo here for you to

The gang of men&39;s expressions blanched upon hearing Joseph. They realized they had been tricked.

&34;I&39;m sorry. It&39;s our fault. We are willing to compensate KKCD Casino for any inconvenience caused.&34;

The leader bowed his head in apology.

However, Joseph could not be bothered with him. &34;Scram and pass this message to your master. Even
if he desires to steal Ganoderma Caligo, make sure he does it outside Moranta. I don&39;t care who your
master is. If he dares to involve my boss in this, he better wish he was dead first!&34;

Joseph warned threateningly.

The leader could only agree fervently. After all, the owner of KKCD casino was too powerful for them to

In the end, the five of them could not steal Ganoderma Caligo from Gareth and Elisa and were
threatened by Joseph. They returned to their master after leaving KKCD Casino, only to be punished

Their master gave them fifteen lashes each, yelling as he whipped them, &34;Id*ots!&34;

&34;What&39;s the point of keeping you all with me? You are all good for nothing and a useless stash of trash.
You can&39;t even do such a simple task properly!&34;

&34;Listen carefully. You have only three days. If you don&39;t bring me that Ganoderma Caligo, don&39;t hope to
get your antidote for this month. Furthermore, I will castrate every man in your family and send all your
women to the brothel!&34;

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