Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 1349 I Won't Collaborate with You

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Thomas opened the door and entered the private lounge.

He seemed hurried as he led four people carrying a large bathtub into the room.

Then, he noticed Joseph and Henry and instantly understood why they were there. However, Joseph
and Henry could not figure out what Thomas and the others were doing.

&34;What are you doing?&34;

Joseph took a step forward.

His words prompted Elisa to smirk.

Henry is no doubt loyal to Joseph.

&34;We have some matters to deal with, and I need you to bring hot water here. Don&39;t worry. We will pay
for our use of this room.&34;

After saying that, Elisa turned around and left.

Henry wanted to say something, but Joseph immediately stopped him.

Thomas signaled his subordinates with a glance.

The subordinates immediately carried the bathtub into the washroom.

&34;Let&39;s go. I will be dealing with you concerning the ten trillion auction bid and the venue rental fees,&34;
Thomas said coldly.

He understood Joseph and Henry&39;s concern as the matter involved an astronomical sum.

However, they had gone overboard with threats, leaving a bad taste in Thomas&39; mouth.

He was disgusted with them.

Joseph did not speak but glanced at his subordinates, prompting them to retreat. Then, he led Thomas
to the back of the casino.

Meanwhile, Elisa returned to the washroom to find Gareth&39;s forehead covered with sweat. His face was
flushed, and his eyes were bloodshot.

One could see how severe his condition was.

Elisa did not dare to delay and rushed to fill the tub with water and prepare the medicine.

Then, she pulled Gareth&39;s clothes open and urged, &34;Gareth, you need to get in the tub now. I will
change the water again after forty minutes!&34;

Although it would be long and arduous, a medicated bath was the best method to force the drug out of
his system.

&34;Gareth, please bear a little more. Thomas is here to pay that ten trillion bid. Once you get through this,
we can bring that Ganoderma Caligo home to save Grandma!&34; Elisa encouraged Gareth.

&34;Sure,&34; Gareth grunted hoarsely.

She is here.

I need to persist because she is here.

I can&39;t let her look down on me.

I still need her to answer my questions!

Meanwhile, Nicole ran out of the casino, putting on clothes as she ran. She rushed into a car.

Her clothes were a mess, but lucky for her, she still wore a mask of Elisa&39;s face. It meant Elisa would
be the one humiliated.

She even thought of getting filmed and sending the video to reporters.

Still, she was furious that her plan had failed. She still recalled how Elisa had looked at her with

contempt when she caught her red-handed. Her stare triggered Nicole&39;s fury.

Nicole could not hold back her anger and called Linda.

&34;How was it?&34;

Linda thought Nicole had succeeded. After all, it had been quite some time.

However, Nicole scolded furiously, &34;How could you do this to me? Didn&39;t you promise me a perfect time
with him? Why did Elisa appear?&34;

&34;What did you say? Elisa showed up?&34;

Linda&39;s face turned sullen. She stood up agitatedly.

Before this, Linda learned that Elisa had been moved out of the way.

&34;What the heck? How could you botch this up? If I wasn&39;t careful, you could have ruined my

&34;I won&39;t collaborate with you ever again!&34; Nicole said and hung up without another word.

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