Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out


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Gareth shouted furiously. His bloodshot eyes glared fiercely.

The drug had taken effect, clouding his senses.

Nicole approached him sultrily. Her movements felt soothing to his eyes, like a splash of cool water.

Elisa would never take that kind of initiative or behave in such a seductive manner.

No one had ever shouted at Nicole as Gareth did.

However, she had set aside her pride and dignity at this moment. She ignored her shame and removed
the last piece of clothing covering her body.

&34;Gareth, it&39;s me, Elisa. I&39;ve thought things through and want us to be together again. I realize I can&39;t
stand losing you. I love you!&34;

&34;After our divorce, I discovered other men are nothing compared to you. No one is as good as you.&34;

Nicole was not frightened by Gareth&39;s outburst. Instead, she forged ahead, walking seductively in her
bare feet.

Gareth&39;s vision blurred, but Elisa&39;s face was unusually clear.

Moreover, Nicole&39;s words fueled his flame and ignited his sense of possessiveness.

Elisa is mine! It doesn&39;t matter that we&39;re divorced. She is still mine!

Right when Nicole was about to succeed, a voice sounded.


Elisa kicked open the washroom door.

The loud noise jolted Gareth and cleared some fog over his mind.

He was sure he heard Elisa&39;s voice.


Gareth&39;s throat felt tight and dry. He was shocked to see two Elisa before his eyes.

Elisa was worried about Gareth&39;s condition and rushed back to find the private lounge empty. She
heard running water in the washroom and rushed there, only to find such a suggestive scene before

She was annoyed.

I shouldn&39;t have returned and spoiled his fun!

However, Elisa suddenly noticed that the disheveled woman opposite her had a face identical to hers.

Elisa was sure she did not have a twin sister.

She narrowed her eyes and asked coldly, &34;Who are you?&34;

Nicole could not say anything and was panicking inside.

She knew Elisa would figure out who she was if she spoke. Thus, she could do nothing except quickly
gather the clothes scattered on the floor and hug them to her chest.

Nicole risked everything to get close to Gareth and did not expect Elisa to find her in such a shameful
state. She felt humiliated.

Moreover, she knew she did not stand a chance against Elisa. Thus, she abandoned her plan and ran
away. Elisa wanted to go after her, but…

&34;Liz, I&39;ve been drugged…&34;

Gareth&39;s weak voice sounded behind her. Then, he fell to the floor with a loud crash.

Elisa had no choice but to let the woman escape and turned around to check Gareth&39;s condition.

Just as Elisa kneeled, a familiar floral scent filled Gareth&39;s nostrils, pushing him off the edge.

His mind went blank. He grabbed Elisa&39;s hand, pulled her into his embrace, and kissed her lips


Gareth called out her name.

He lost all self-control.

Although Elisa was no longer repulsed by his forceful kisses, she could not help but arch her eyebrows.

She thought Gareth had gone crazy, only to realize he was drugged.

&34;Gareth, can you come to your senses?&34;

Gareth bit her lips and did not stop despite her protest.

Elisa frowned, but her expression turned cold when she touched his wrist.

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