Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out


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Nicole pushed the door open and walked in.

She saw Gareth dripping wet from head to toe. His soaked shirt clung tightly to his body, and his better
muscles were displayed clearly.

At that moment, he looked… seductive.

Gareth was aware that he was affected by the effects of the drug. Jeremy had told him that he could
retain some consciousness under the shock of cold water.

When he heard the noise, he looked in that direction.

Nicole stood at the door under the light.

Although Linda had told Nicole that Gareth had drunk a spiked drink and Nicole needed to move fast,
she still felt panicked.

Even if she wore a special skin mask to look precisely like Elisa for security purposes, she still had a
guilty conscience.


Gareth noticed her face.

Under the light, her face was covered by makeup, and she looked as pretty as a picture.

Just as Gareth called out Elisa&39;s name, he stood up hurriedly.

Just as his tottering figure was about to fall, Nicole rushed to him immediately. &34;Are you alright,

It would be best if Gareth didn&39;t recognize her with the skin mask. Then, it would be the time for her to
make her move…

&34;I&39;m going to fall, Liz…&34;

Gareth&39;s throat tightened, and he grabbed Nicole&39;s hand.

The drug was coming into effect. Every time it attacked him, Elisa&39;s figure appeared in his mind.

At that moment, Nicole&39;s appearance governed the restless urge in Gareth&39;s heart.

He couldn&39;t be bothered about anything else!

Nicole was delighted at his touch.

They could have such interactions when she was wearing the skin mask. After that, they could have a
deeper connection!

If they had relations, she could claim that it was her first time and make him take responsibility after she
restored her appearance. Then, she could be his wife!

When she thought about it, Nicole didn&39;t restrain her excitement. She hugged Gareth. &34;Gareth, you&39;re
feeling unwell, aren&39;t you? I can help you.&34;

This voice was irresistible to Gareth.

Because of that mask, he thought Nicole was Elisa. Right now, he had utterly lost his rationale.

However, he smelled the sharp scent of rose-scented perfume!

Gareth suddenly awoke.

Elisa had a faint aroma to her that smelled like peaches. It always triggered his impulses.

She would never use perfumes of such scents!

&34;Get lost. You&39;re not her!&34;

Nicole was pushed away by Gareth.

She never anticipated that Gareth would have such an extreme reaction.

She was pushed away, but thankfully a wall was behind her, so she didn&39;t fall.

But how could Nicole give up?

She pointed at herself, feeling grieved. &34;Gareth, take a good look. I&39;m Elisa. Who else could I be?&34;

As Nicole spoke, she walked to him.

Linda said that the drink Gareth had drunk had been spiked with something from the black market.

Men were vulnerable to the drug. She just needed to be bold!

Nicole couldn&39;t be bothered about anything else when she thought about it.

She pulled down the zip on her back, and her evening gown fell to her feet. Her perfect figure was
immediately displayed before Gareth.

&34;Don&39;t you miss me, Gareth?&34;

Nicole spoke hoarsely while she started moving.

After that, she quickly lunged at Gareth!

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