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Chapter 1342 Something Might Have Happened

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His throat was parched, and he felt tightness in his lower abdomen.

He felt a warmth in his heart. Although there was air conditioning in the private room, he felt hot all

Under such circumstances, it was clear something was wrong with his drink.

Gareth’s face darkened. He immediately took out his cell phone and called Jeremy.

He was in Moranta while Jeremy was back home. There was a lime difference.

But as it turned out, Jeremy was consulting in the hospital today.

Jeremy wrinkled his brows slightly when he received Gareth’s call. He was somewhat surprised.
“What’s up?”

Gareth should have been sleeping in Moranta at such a time. Jeremy intuitively fell that Gareth was
calling him because something was wrong,

At the next moment, he heard Gareth speaking while gasping. “I’ve been drugged. What do I do?”

Jeremy’s brows furrowed. How did such a careful person like Gareth get drugged?

He used to think that no one other than Elisa could successfully drug Gareth.

He raised his hand and asked the patient before him to wait momentarily.

After that, he got up and walked into a cubicle.

“How long has it been?”

“Less than three minutes.” Gareth estimated the time.

Gareth was already gasping in less than three minutes.

Jeremy’s frown deepened. From your breathing, you’ve been drugged with strong medicine. Aren t you
with Elisa? Where is she?”

If she isn’t around, doesn’the have Thomas with him?

Such a drug worked quickly and usually came from rhe black market.

Furthermore, a woman needed to fix it. Otherwise, he would lose all his energy, be drained of his blood,
and die suddenly!

“The KKCD Casino boss asked to meet her…”

As soon as Gareth said it, his face turned dark.

Because he had already realized that there must have been a plot to first take Elisa away, then leave
him alone in the private room.

Elisa hadn’t returned. Something might have happened to her!

Gareth’s expression darkened.

He couldn’t be bothered to ask Jeremy how to overcome his crisis. He hungup and called Thomas.

“Thomas, look for Elisa at once. Something might have happened to her!”

Gareth’s voice was hurried, and he was gasping heavily.

This was Thomas’ first rime hearing Gareth speak in such a way.

As someone around Gareth, Thomas naturally knew about Gareth and Elisa’s relationship.

“1’11 do it right away.”

Thomas ended the call immediately.

Il look some lime for ten trillion to be processed into the account.

When the KKCD Casino staff saw that Thomas was about to leave, they immediately stopped him.

“The money hasn’t been processed. As Gareth’s representative, arc you trying to escape before the
process is complete? Why? Are you going back on your word?”

Joseph was the one who spoke. He had lost in disgrace when gambling a few days ago.

He was there to deal with the final process. Firstly, it was because he admired the ten trillion that was
spent. Secondly, he wanted to regain his dignity!

“Your boss asked to see Ms. Benett but hasn’t released her yet. 1 have to look for her now. Don’t worry
about the money. I will instruct people to transfer it to rhe casino on time. The casino had better give us
Ganodcrma Caligo as promised. We’ll come and rake it in a while!”

Thomas frowned. He had a cold and vague expression.

After working by Gareth’s side, the depth of Thomas fierce demeanor was noticeable, and he reflected
Gareth’s swiftness and decisiveness when he worked.

“What do you mean our boss asked to see Ms. Benett? Don’t slander us maliciously!”

Joseph immediately retorted.

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