Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 1330 The Medicine Is Working

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It was as though Aaron’s words revealed his sincerity, but Nicole knew he was just kidding.

He was just good with his words. The crowd offstage had talked about the origin of the gold key. If
Aaron had the gold key, how could he give such a significant object to someone he met for the first

“Even if you had it, I wouldn’t care for it,” Nicole said apathetically. She picked up the wine glass in her
hands and sipped the red wine.

Aaron didn’t answer, but a sneer streaked across the corner of his mouth.

Don ‘I care for il?If she doesn ‘l care for it, why would she team up with me and playgames to win the
gold key?

Bur Aaron didn’t point it out.

He sat across from Nicole. Although she didn’t like him, she couldn’t lose her grace and chase him
away. After all, everyone was all over the place.

After all, he was her current teammate.

It was boring to watch other teams behind them compete.

Bur she couldn’t go too far away. Otherwise, how could they play the other games if they missed out on
the second round of games since they were first in line?

“Do you know how to play cards? Let’s have a game to sec who has the bigger card. Or can 1 look for
a few friends and play Blackjack?”

Aaron seemed to be asking Nicole for her opinion.

Nicole didn’t think that he would be pretty knowledgeable. She glanced at the people in line for the
game and agreed. “Call your friends over to play.”


Aaron immediately made a call after Nicole agreed.

A man walked toward them shortly.

As the three of them were seated. Aaron said, “We usually play truth or dare. Ms. Tabor, it’s the first
time we’re meeting. Let’s gamble.”


Nicole had no opinions on gambling.

Bur Aaron added, “The loser has to take three shots as punishment.”

Nicole was indifferent. After all, she had a good capacity for alcohol.

Nicole won a few rounds at first, and she received a vast money transfer. Bur in the end, her luck was
almost running out.

Aaron’s friend won most rounds.

Aaron was slightly annoyed, “I called you here to play a game, not to dupe us. If you win the pretty
lady’s money, how will I get along with her? Doesn’t it make us seem like swindlers?”

Nicole wasn’t bothered by Aaron’s thoughts. Since she had agreed to bet, she was willing to pay.

Furthermore, how could they be cheaters in a game of cards?

However, she felt that the alcohol today differed slightly from the past. She clearly hadn’t drunk much,
but she started feeling dizzy.

Ultimately, her eyelids fell heavy, and she only wanted to lie on the table and sleep!

“Aaron, see if the long jump game has ended. I’m feeling slightly tipsy…”

Nicole said to Aaron.

Aaron heard Nicole sounding slightly weak. Most importantly, he noticed her reactions.

Mm. The medicine is starting to work.

He went along with what Nicole said. ” There aren’t many people left. Let’s go, Ms. Tabor. Let’s go for
the next round of games.’


Nicole nodded and got up but seemed to be stepping on cotton. She felt as light as a feather.
Thankfully, Aaron was supporting her. Otherwise, she would feel unsteady and plant forwards headfirst!

“Why don’t you rest, Ms. Tabor? I’ll join rhe games with someone else. As long as you keep your
promise, I will return with the gold key if you give me your contact information.”

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