Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 1329 Do You Have Inside Information?

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Nicole felt her heart suspend in midair.

This made her subconsciously hug Aaron tightly.

Aaron was thrilled when he felt Nicole hold on to him.

The result of their jump was six feet.

When the public relations stall announced the result, it caused rhe guests on rhe scene ro cry our in

“I think one person can jump six feet. It’s amazing that two people can achieve such a result!”

“Aren’t rhe rwo supposed to jump together? The man carried the woman beside him. Isn’t this against
the rules?”

“This is an interactive game between men and women. If the man doesn’t exert strength, don’t tell me
the woman is supposed ro do ir? Bur it’s possible if rhe woman is strong!

“With their legs tied together, it must be more laborious for one party. Otherwise, how can rhe game go
on? It depends on how you arrange yourselves.”

Everyone had mixed opinions.

Bur rhe public relations staff kept calm amid rhe panic. “This is a game between men and women.
Their legs arc- tied together. As partners, ir depends on how you

complete the game. Stowaway will acknowledge it regardless of your method if you land on the same
line and do not fall.”

Therefore, rhe man had to exert more effort.

Or perhaps it was like someone had said just now. If the woman was strong, she could exert more

Nicole’s brows wrinkled rightly.

It’s more like a blind dale than an interactive game. Why can’t we form all-male orfemale teams? Why
does it have to be male and female?

However, Stowaway had a few bizarre rules. Nicole couldn’t be bothered to think about it further.

She called a staff member standing at the side. “We were rhe first ro complete rhe game. Please untie

There were ninety-nine more pairs after them.

It would take around an hour for the game to end. Nicole could return ro her sear and drink while
awaiting rhe upcoming game results.

After being untied, Nicole returned to her seat.

She looked at Aaron, who had followed her, and her brows wrinkled. “The next game hasn’t started.
Why did you follow me?”

“You didn’t give me your contact information. Where will I look for you when the next game starts if I
don’t follow

you? Aaron s question stopped her in her tracks.

However, Nicole didn’t want to interact with Aaron anymore.

He hadn’t informed her beforehand that he would pick her up for the long jump.

It was her first time being carried by a man since she was young.

She would have slapped him if not for the game.

“I’m at my seat. You can return to yours. When the next game starts, you can just come and look for
me.” Nicole was somewhat moody.

Aaron laughed and ignored her. He teased her, “I thought you would give me your contact information.”

“Didn’t we agree that I’ll give it to you after we win?”

From the looks of it. winning was uncertain with so many contestants.

She didn’t want to give him her contact information!

“I’m determined to be the champion. Give it to me first…”

“Why? Do you have inside information?”

Aaron’s words suddenly made Nicole vigilant.

There are so many people. What makes him so confident?

Furthermore, there were interactive activities between

men and women after he started hitting on her.

She couldn’t help but feel suspicious.

Aaron snorted in laughter. “If I really had inside information, I could have given you the gold key

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