Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 1327 Moved

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&34;D*mn! Stowaway has really invested a lot in tonight! The KKCD Casino boss reportedly sent out gold
keys before the casino was built.

There are only three gold keys.It is said that those with the gold key can make a request to the KKCD
boss, and he will fulfill it, no matter what it is!&34;

&34;Really? Stowaway can&39;t be tricking us and organizing a fake activity, right? The gold key is so
precious.Are you really giving it away like this?&34;

&34;That&39;s right.If we have the gold key and ask the boss to give us KKCD, the boss can&39;t be so dumb,

The guests offstage didn&39;t believe what the public relations staff said and started to ridicule her.

The female public relations staff glanced at the people beside her.

After a moment, two tall bodyguards carried a display case to the middle of the stage.A gold key was
concealed in a glass box on the display case.

&34;Stowaway has been open for business for two years, and there must be regular customers here.Can
our regular customers tell everyone when Stowaway has ever deceived customers?&34;

&34;If the gold key can’t be used, the special prize winner can look for us.Our bar is willing to compensate
for any losses, and the winner will have free lifetime membership and all expenses paid for the rest of
their life.&34;

&34;I&39;m a regular customer of Stowaway.Stowaway has been organizing activities occasionally for the past
two years, and they&39;ve always honored the winners’ prizes.Furthermore, we came to Stowaway
because of its reputation.Besides, the person in charge has spoken so honestly.What reason do we
have not to believe her?&34;

&34;That&39;s right.It&39;s a game.We&39;re here to have a good time.Come on, those with partners can start.Those
who don&39;t can form teams now.&34;

&34;That&39;s right.Let&39;s do it for the coupon and gold key.Come on, friends!&34;

The guests offstage were enthusiastic and in high spirits.

Upstairs, Nicole was moved as well.

If the gold key was as the people offstage described it, she had to win it tonight.She would ask the
casino&39;s boss to sell her Ganoderma Caligo.

Then, Gareth would look for her because of Ganoderma Caligo.

Then, she could take advantage of him and make requests.

Gareth would promise her anything for his grandmother! &34;Pretty lady, I see you&39;re interested in the gold
key.I know about it.The bosses of Stowaway and the casino are old friends.

The Stowaway boss offered this prize to create buzz for the casino boss’ auction.

Although those people are mocking it, there will be a limit to wishes the boss can fulfill.&34;

&34;Between receiving money in one go or having the safeguard of all- expenses-paid for the rest of their
lives, I believe most people will choose the latter because it has more security.Money will run out one

&34;Pretty lady, my name is Aaron Fawler.Nice to meet you.&34;

The man extended his hand to Nicole.

&34;Are you from Zovain?&34;

Nicole couldn&39;t deny that she was moved by what the man and the guests downstairs said.She wanted
the gold key.But at that moment, she couldn&39;t help but wrinkle her brows at the man telling her his

&34;I&39;m like you.&34;


&34;Pretty lady, I know you&39;re interested, and I&39;m willing to become your partner to help you this time.But I
have a condition.If we win, I want your contact information.&34;

She didn&39;t like how he proactively hit on her, but she couldn&39;t deny how dignified he was.Since it was an
interactive game between men and women, she wouldn&39;t lose out if she had to come into close contact
with such a man.


Nicole agreed in the end because of the gold key that moved her.But the man asked about her name.

&34;Pretty lady, how should I address you?&34;

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