Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 1325 Someone Is Causing Trouble Here

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After hanging up on Linda, Nicole came to the underground exit of the airport.

She had just hailed a cab when her cell phone rang again.

She assumed it was Linda again.

She answered without glancing at her phone. “Linda Benett, do you not understand English? Are you
not done?”

She disliked people who rambled, even more so if it was Linda.

She would even have an impulse to hit Linda if Linda was before her.

But she didn’t know that it wasn’t Linda’s voice on her phone.

It was her good friend, Poppy Wilbank.

“Linda? It’s Lollipop. Isn’t Linda dead?”

Nicole’s gaze froze. “I called you the wrong name. Didn’t I tell you I was going to Moranta? What’s up?”

Nicole’s tightly furrowed brows only relaxed when she heard her best friend’s voice.

But she had been affected by Linda and wasn’t in a good mood.

“I listened to your chatter and realized you’ve been in a bad mood recently, so I got you a table at
Stowaway Bar. Enjoy yourself tonight.”

As expected of her good friend, who was so considerate.

“Sure enough, you know me best. I’ll look for you once I’m back.”

“Okay. Have fun, and have a good night.”

Poppy didn’t tell Nicole that other than booking a table for her at Stowaway Bar, Poppy had also
booked a particular service!

When all was said and done, Poppy was her best friend and understood her best.

She usually liked to go to places like these in a bad mood to relax.

When the time came, Nicole arrived at Stowaway Bar on time.

Stowaway Bar was in the city center of Moranta. It was decorated lavishly, and there were many people

Poppy had booked the best spot for her, a booth on the deck. She could look down at everything in the

Moreover, snacks and beverages were included.

But she never imagined that three different male models would appear simultaneously.

The server even said, “Hello, pretty lady. This is the special service you ordered!”

The three male models were tall with fair skin.

They wore white shirts with a few open buttons, revealing their muscular chests.

They had great physiques, but they weren’t the type she liked.

Nicole wrinkled her brows. “I want a refund. I don’t need such a service.”

“I’m sorry, pretty lady. The services purchased in advance at our bar can’t be refunded.”

The other party spoke fluently in a foreign language, which made Nicole more jittery.

“Are you forcefully promoting your services?”

Nicole was already in a lousy mood today because of Linda, and Nicole grew more displeased with
such a situation.

“Pretty lady, Stowaway Bar has always had such rules. They can leave if you don’t need them, but a
refund is impossible.”

The server reminded Nicole again with a calm voice as if used to such a situation.

“They can leave. I don’t need a refund.”

Nicole answered, unconcerned.


The server complied with Nicole since she didn’t want a refund.

Without the three male models, Nicole sat in the deck booth, and her gaze fell on the lounge

The lounge was lively and noisy. The people on the dancefloor swayed, undisturbed.

Nicole suddenly noticed a man.

He was in golden-brown sportswear as he sat on a genuine leather couch.

When their gazes met, the man raised the glass in his hand toward her.

This startled Nicole. She quickly looked away.

She never thought the man would come over.

The man was very tall and had a handsome appearance.

“Hello, pretty lady.”

The man greeted her and sat across from her in the deck booth.

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