Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 1319 Mr North

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Gareth made his stance clear as he talked to Elisa.

Elisa was startled.

Didn’t he want to become the public enemy? Why is he backing off now?

“Our God and Goddesses of Luck, we haven’t gotten the chance to bet against you, and you’re already
leaving. KKCD casino is not dominated by Joseph alone. Many more people will gamble with you if he
doesn’t have the guts to do so.”

Someone hurriedly walked to the front of the crowd to stop them from leaving when they saw that
Gareth was about to leave with Elisa.

“Exactly. Give us a chance to rub off your luck and feel the sense of victory again after our many
defeats in KKCD Casino.”

“That’s right!”

Many of the spectators respected and envied them. Of course, they didn’t want Gareth and Elisa to
leave as they believed they could borrow their luck to earn back some money.

After all, many of them had suffered substantial losses at the casino.

Joseph immediately dialed a number on his handphone when he saw this scene unfold before him.

Before the call was accepted, a loud, hoarse voice started nearing them, “What is happening? Why is it
so noisy here?”

A boastful-sounding voice boomed.

Soon, a man with gray hair and pale skin walked down the stairs. He was wearing a purple shirt and
had a hand in his pocket.

His appearance silenced everyone, and Joseph immediately fawned upon him. “Mr. North.”

“Useless prick!”

His insult immediately got Joseph running to the back of Mr. North.

The crowd silently gasped. Joseph was merely a follower. The actual manager was a person called Mr.

The appearance of Mr. North also meant that Gareth and Elisa wouldn’t be able to leave with a single
cent in their pockets.

“This little brat is still immature and can’t afford to play. Let me join both of you. We can keep the rules
the same as before.” Mr. North walked closer to Gareth and Elisa.

Undoubtedly, he had been observing them since they joined the table.


Elisa immediately replied to Mr. North. After all, they had won a large amount of money. They could still
afford to play a few rounds even if they lost. Besides, Gareth was here, so what was there to fear?

However, Gareth sharply noticed that the person Joseph referred to as ‘Mr. North’ had a white
Bluetooth earphone in his left ear.

Since the moment he made his appearance known, he had been unnaturally pausing between his

Someone must have been instructing him covertly.

“Let’s begin.”

Gareth nodded and walked towards the gambling table with Elisa.

Mr. North had some potential. He won the first four to five rounds. However, Gareth won the most bets
after the fourth or fifth round.

It made the people who placed their bet on him overjoyed as they also won when he won.

However, Elisa was slowly losing interest in the gamble. She turned to look at the crowd. Suddenly, she
met eyes with the masked man and lady that had previously gambled with them.

The masked lady was staring at her. Elisa felt her heart sink when she saw the expression in her eyes.

The two people had not appeared in the casino out of coincidence. They must’ve been observing
Gareth and Elisa for a long time.

However, they had already disappeared from the crowd when she wanted to warn Gareth about it.

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