Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 1321A Similar Expression

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“Turn around.”

It was an order.

At the same time, this made Gareth aware of the situation.

The middle-aged man’s sudden request made Gareth subconsciously take a step forward and stand in
front of Elisa.

Although he didn’t know the casino boss’ intention, Gareth would never let anything happen to Elisa in
front of him!

“How may I address you, sir?”

Gareth pursed his Ups and tried to change the topic.

Elisa understood his intention but secretly felt it was amusing.

He has never protected me in the past. Why is he defending me now?

“Sir, I’m sorry for how I looked at you just now, but I didn’t have malicious intentions. I was curious
about how KKCD’s boss is a middle-aged man.”

Elisa raised her head and looked at the man as she slowly explained.

The middle-aged man heard Elisa’s voice and naturally noticed her.

Surprise flickered across his eyes.

Elisa, who was before him, had a similar expression to that person!

If not for the passage of time, he would have thought that the person had appeared before him.

However, the world was full of extraordinary things.

He couldn’t be sure the two had blood ties just because Elisa looked like that person.

“Don’t you know there’s a saying that goes, ‘Curiosity kills the cat’?” The middle-aged man refuted Elisa
indifferently, mainly because of the restlessness that surfaced in his heart.

“I understand. I realize I was wrong. I’m sorry, sir. We didn’t come for any reason other than
Ganoderma Caligo.” Elisa simply told the truth at such a stage.

Grandma’s illness would recover and improve if Elisa could use Ganoderma Caligo in her medicine.

This was the actual reason they stepped into KKCD Casino tonight!

Because Gareth had discovered that KKCD Casino’s boss had Ganoderma Caligo and would auction it
at the casino in three days. The starting bid was at least one hundred million.

“Heh. You heard the news before the auction started. Since you know about it, you should know that
Ganoderma Caligo can bring benefits and profit to people.”

“Can’t you just bid for it at the auction if you want it?” The middle- aged man disagreed with Elisa.

Many people wanted Ganoderma Caligo, but unfortunately, it was rare.

The money they had won in the casino tonight was nothing compared to the benefits of Ganoderma

“Sir, we didn’t mean that. You know that there are many underhanded manipulations in auctions. We
can bid for it through the normal auction, but we hope you won’t make things difficult for us, sir.” Elisa
pursed her lips and implored again.

Gareth immediately said, “We only want you to promise this, sir. We won’t take any of the money we

“Heh. Haven’t you heard the saying?”

“Outsiders like you can’t beat me. No matter how powerful you are, you’re now in my territory.”

The middle-aged man suddenly laughed as if he had just heard a joke.

In other words, he implied that Gareth and Elisa were foolish to have the nerve to discuss terms with

“Sir, since we came with a purpose, do you think we would allow something like this to happen?” “Are
you threatening me?”

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