Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 1315

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Chapter 1215 I Don&39;t Want to Talk to Him

&34;That&39;s about it.I didn&39;t dare to come out after I went into the bathroom.I only did so after the man left...&34;

Elisa furrowed her brows.

&34;So, how did he come in that day?&34;

&34;I don&39;t know.He didn&39;t tell me.But it’s impossible that he schemed or wanted to do such things with
me.It must have been a coincidence.&34;

&34;Did you call your cousin after that?&34;

&34;Yes, but she said she didn&39;t know.She said she left after booking a room for me.She apologized and
said everything was safe, but I don&39;t believe her!&34;

&34;Did she tell you why she was looking for you that day?&34;

&34;Yes.My cousin needs money and wants me to lend her some, but I feel something is wrong.This has
something to do with her.In any case, I drink often.How could I have drunk too much?! Moreover, I&39;m
not the type to get dizzy and light-headed.I usually won&39;t get hungover the next day from drinking too
much.Don&39;t you think it&39;s strange?!&34;

Elisa&39;s brows furrowed tightly, and she stayed silent.

Rachel gritted her teeth and said, &34;I thought she would probe and ask me certain things, but my cousin
is smart.She said nothing.She really beat me! I have no evidence!&34;

Upon hearing Rachel was much more agitated than just now, Elisa said, &34;Calm down first.&34;

Rachel took a deep breath and shut her eyes.She said nothing as she tried hard to calm herself.

After a while, she raised her hands and covered both sides of her head.She hung her head, and her
hair covered her confused face.

&34;I&39;m feeling very bothered now.&34;

Elisa looked at her and said softly, &34;We have to investigate.Who on earth is he?&34;

When Elisa said it, she rose and walked to Rachel&39;s study room.

Rachel immediately got up and followed.

When she saw Elisa opening her laptop, Rachel asked, &34;What do you want to investigate?&34;

&34;Your cousin.Give me her cell phone number.&34;

Rachel immediately turned on her cell phone and read out her cousin&39;s cell phone number.

Elisa&39;s hands started tapping away on the laptop.

Soon, Elisa discovered who her cousin had contacted in the past two days.

At the same time, she discovered the man who had entered Rachel&39;s room.

And that man...

Elisa&39;s gaze froze slightly.

Rachel&39;s expression changed, and she ultimately sighed.

&34;As expected of you...&34;

Elisa was dumbstruck.She had only wanted to help Rachel investigate who had arranged for such a
thing, but she found out who the man was.

&34;He came in with a room card,&34; Elisa said softly.

Rachel bit her lips, and she felt that something wasn&39;t right.She shook her head.

&34;It can&39;t be.He hates me so much.How could he be in the same room as me? And we...&34;

Rachel couldn&39;t continue.

&34;I still have to investigate.You can ask him what on earth happened that day.&34;

Rachel said awkwardly, &34;I don&39;t want to talk to him.&34;

Elisa sighed in silence.She knew how Rachel felt.

At that moment, she didn&39;t say anything.

Instead, she continued to investigate what had happened that day.


Elisa had one less thing to worry about when she found out who the man was.It was just a shame.

Rach had been a maiden...She would now have something else to worry about.

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