Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 1314

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Chapter 1214 The Man on the Bed

Elisa&39;s gaze flickered slightly.She had some questions but thought about it and said nothing while
waiting for Rachel to continue.

Rachel raised her hands and covered her head.She was frantic.

&34;I was in a daze at the time.Although I&39;ve never experienced it, I&39;ve heard of things, and I immediately
knew that I freaking...slept with the man!&34;

Her voice was slightly peculiar at the end.She wanted to scream her lungs out and relieve her stress,
but she didn&39;t dare to.If others heard it, her reputation would be ruined.

Rachel couldn&39;t help but take a deep breath.She shut her eyes while using one hand to massage her
temples which were twitching incessantly.She said in frustration, &34;I don&39;t know what to do.I don’t dare to
face that man now.I...&34;

Elisa stared at her.

&34;What happened after you woke up that day?&34;

Rachel&39;s lashes fluttered slightly, and her lips squirmed.She didn&39;t know what to say.

Elisa didn&39;t continue asking and waited for Rachel to speak.Since Rachel had spoken about the
specifics of what had happened, she would slowly tell Elisa who the man was.

Rachel sighed.

&34;After I awoke, my movements might have awoken him.He was also in a daze when he opened his
eyes and saw me.At the time...&34;

Rachel’s memories slowly returned to that time.

The moment the man awoke, he felt that something wasn&39;t right.

When he turned and saw Rachel&39;s dumbfounded and frantic expression, he immediately cried out in
surprise, &34;What the heck! Why are you in my bed?!&34;

Rachel came to her senses and took a breath furiously.

&34;Who is in your bed? Look at where we are!&34;

The man looked around casually.He knew it was a hotel with one glance at the layout.

&34;What the heck!&34;

The man sat up, and the exquisite upper half of his body was instantly revealed.Rachel panicked
because the covers were pulled away, so she pressed them close.She didn&39;t want to expose her bare
self.But...because the covers were pulled away, the man saw her delicate collarbone and caught a faint
glimpse below.

In an instant, yesterday night&39;s memories flooded his mind.

The man suddenly had a complicated expression! He never thought that yesterday night...he and
Rachel would...

The man&39;s brows wrinkled tighter! Rachel bit her lips.

&34;I don&39;t know what happened.After drinking last night, I was confused and disoriented, so my cousin led
me here to rest.Why did you come in?!&34;

&34;D*mn! How the heck do I know how I came in?&34;

The man&39;s eyes were filled with impatience and uneasiness.He wasn&39;t spooked by Rachel&39;s question
but by what had happened between them last night.

Rachel took a breath.Her cheeks were hot.She couldn&39;t be bothered about anything else.She grabbed
the covers and wrapped herself in them before running to the bathroom.

&34;Oh my god! Let go of the freaking covers!&34;

Because the covers were pulled away, the man was left lying on the bed.

Everything could almost be seen clearly.However, Rachel didn&39;t even turn around because she didn&39;t
dare to look at the man on the bed.

She knew that he must have nothing on.

The man sat up uneasily and grabbed his hair.But when he turned, he realized fresh blood was on the
bed! After experiencing such encounters, how could he not know what the blood on the bed
represented?! At that moment, his expression seemed to darken!

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