Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 1311

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Chapter 1211 The Talented Have More Responsibilities

Nicole&39;s lashes fluttered again, and her gaze was intertwined with endless disbelief.She never thought
that her dad would be the most supportive at this time.

The hesitation in her heart suddenly disappeared.She looked at her father and nodded solemnly.

&34;I understand, Dad.Thank you!&34;

If she liked Gareth and persisted, she believed the day would come! Everything would work out! Just as
she was thinking about it, she felt happier.As for Nicole&39;s mother, she said nothing.She sighed in
frustration and got up.

An hour later, Elisa arrived home and went into the bathroom.It had been a chaotic day.

Elisa wanted to shower and rest.She never thought that her cell phone would vibrate incessantly before
she could finish drying her hair.She had taken her cell phone with her.

It was Rachel&39;s cell phone number.

Elisa had earphones, so it wouldn&39;t affect the conversation even if she was blow-drying her hair.

She blow-dried her hair and asked, &34;What&39;s up?&34;

&34;I miss you, So I called to chat.&34;

Although Rachel said such, Elisa could clearly hear the deceit in Rachel&39;s voice.

Elisa almost called her a busybody.

Elisa raised her brows.

&34;Tell me.What&39;s up?&34;

Elisa understood her best friend too well.

Elisa even understood Rachel&39;s sigh.

Rachel laughed mischievously.

&34;I heard all about what happened at the banquet today.&34;

Elisa snorted in response.She knew Rachel had called because of this.

Rachel&39;s gaze was excited.

&34;Babe, you&39;re amazing! Old Mr.Darcey and Wickam like you so much.They even fought publicly before
the Tabor family for you to be their granddaughter-in-law.You&39;re so popular now!&34;

Elisa was dumbfounded.She didn&39;t know what to say.

Rachel had always liked to talk about such things.

Rachel couldn&39;t help but say, &34;But you&39;ve always been popular.

Now that these two elderly men with important positions are fighting for you to be their granddaughter-
in-law, everyone will think you&39;re amazing!&34;

The corners of Elisa&39;s mouth twitched.

&34;If you have the time to gossip, you might as well study legal statutes meticulously.&34;

&34;Ah...I have to memorize those things.Do you think I have such good memory...Liz, this is a painful

Elisa couldn&39;t help but laugh.

At that moment, it was as though she could see Rachel&39;s sad expression through the cell phone.

&34;Ah...I just feel like there will be more trouble in your life.Nicole really likes Gareth and always treats
you like a rival.But she was ignored at her grandfather&39;s birthday banquet as the host.Nicole must be

Elisa was still blow-drying her hair.She said calmly, &34;I can&39;t control this.Let nature take its course.&34;

&34;Although that’s the must be careful, Liz.Linda isn&39;t dead, and many days have
passed.Perhaps she&39;s up to some new tricks! You must be prepared!&34;

Elisa answered, &34;Alright.&34;

&34;Ah...Do so many people envy you because you&39;re so outstanding? Ah, babe.Is this what they mean
when they say talented people have more responsibilities!&34;

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