Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 1288

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&34;I feel like I have very little knowledge and haven&39;t achieved anything noteworthy, while you seem to
know so much and have accomplished so many things,&34; Rachel said with a tinge of disappointment.

Elisa remained silent, knowing that she was being exaggeratingly dramatic.

A sudden worry gripped James as he feared that Rachel might feel depressed upon realizing the vast
difference in aptitude between her and Elisa. &34;You can&39;t compare yourself to Elisa,&34; he reassured her.
&34;She&39;s an incredibly rare prodigy. However, you could indeed benefit from some more training. You&39;re a
skilled lawyer but not at the top of your class yet.&34;

Jessie grinned, trying to hold back her laughter.

Meanwhile, Elisa shook her head without saying anything.

Nevertheless, Rachel didn&39;t seem to have heard James. She was deep in her thoughts before looking
at Elisa indignantly. &34;Okay! I&39;ve decided that I won&39;t do anything else besides being your assistant! And
you should give me half your assets in return!&34;

James&39; eyes twitched upon hearing Rachel&39;s demands.

&34;Are you an id*ot?&34;

&34;Elisa and I are as good as sisters! We should share everything together. But when trouble hits, it&39;s
time to part ways.&34;

&34;Hahaha!&34; Jessie couldn&39;t stop herself anymore and laughed out loud. With Rachel around, the
atmosphere turned lively and bubbly, even though she slowed their progress slightly. Since they were
just discussing home, their time was quite flexible. Besides, they were already nearing the end of their
conversation, so there was no harm in taking a breather.

Elisa also said hilariously, &34;Don&39;t worry. Rachel and I are always fooling around like this.&34;

James sighed helplessly. &34;This young lady deserves a scolding!&34;

Rachel held his arm in dissatisfaction. &34;Uncle James, you&39;re my uncle after all. Why do you always
scold me instead of cherishing me?&34;

&34;Go away and stop interrupting us. We&39;re at work now!&34;

&34;Hmph! You didn&39;t even tell me that Elisa is Rene!&34;

&34;You should blame yourself for not discovering it sooner,&34; he snorted.

&34;What? So it&39;s my fault?&34;

Elisa nudged her temples and said, &34;Go back to your phone.&34;

With that, she looked at James and Jessie and asserted, &34;Let&39;s continue.&34;

Both of them resumed their businesslike demeanor. Even though Rachel liked to fool around, she knew
better than to interrupt them, so she obediently returned to her phone.

After another half an hour, they were finally done.

James said with satisfaction, &34;I don&39;t see any problem with this collaboration anymore, and I&39;m sure the
company is heading in a great direction. Elisa, what you have wished for is possible after this is over.
I&39;m sure Benett Corporation will no longer remain stagnant; we can definitely enter the top thirty

Elisa nodded with a smile. &34;I&39;m looking forward to that day.&34;

&34;It will definitely arrive,&34; Jessie said confidently.

When Norman took charge, they could only maintain their current ranking. It was futile to even hope to
increase their ranks.

But now that Elisa was taking charge, it was a breath of fresh air into the corporation. The company
had been doing better, and everyone was looking forward to the day they would achieve that feat.

&34;It&39;s getting late now. We should leave soon.&34; James looked at his watch and stood up.

Rachel sat on the couch lazily.

&34;Are you staying here tonight?&34; James asked.

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