Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 1281

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&34;Of course!&34; Vincent retorted indignantly.

Let&39;s see if his explanation satisfies me!

To Vincent, Gareth was just exaggerating the situation. He didn&39;t believe that Gareth&39;s situation could
be any better.

Looking at the glass of water before him, he said calmly, &34;She might be able to help both grandma and
myself. There&39;s nothing bad about this arrangement.&34;

Vincent frowned silently. Since Elisa was Mystic Orchid, she had experience with many experiments.
She never lied about her abilities. Putting aside Gareth&39;s claims, she also told Jeremy the same thing.
Hence, there was a high possibility that she could heal Gareth.

Nevertheless, Vincent doubted that she could help Julia.

&34;Does the auction have something you want?&34;


A glimmer of surprise flitted past Jeremy and Vincent&39;s eyes.

&34;Are you sure?&34; Vincent asked.


&34;Gosh, that&39;s amazing! This is the best way!&34;

&34;Yes. Elisa mentioned that as long as we have that, all would be well.&34;

&34;This is great!&34; Vincent exclaimed excitedly. &34;Fine, you have made some progress, but what about the
rest? What else do you have to say to claim that your situation is better?&34;

Gareth smiled cunningly at him.

&34;She cooks for me because of my stomach problems. Does Rachel do that for you?&34;

His words stabbed at Vincent&39;s heart.

&34;Does she?&34; he continued, sending him another blow.

&34;No, that&39;s not counted!&34; Vincent&39;s face darkened.

Gareth looked at him indifferently before speaking, &34;Because of Grandma&39;s health issues, we are in
constant contact. She&39;s going to the auction in Moranta with me in a few days.&34;

Vincent was so flabbergasted that he was at a loss for words.

Finally, he found his voice. &34;That is not counted. She&39;s just doing this because it&39;s the sensible thing to

&34;You think this is sensible? So, what would be considered emotional?&34;

Vincent replied immediately, &34;If she agrees to get back together with you, of course!&34;

Gareth arched his eyebrow. &34;She&39;s treating my disease and cooking for me willingly.&34;

&34;That&39;s just b*llshit. I bet she&39;s just treating it as her responsibility as a doctor.&34; Vincent pulled a long
face with resentment in his eyes.

Jeremy smirked at him. &34;Well, that is leaps and bounds better than you. At least Gareth has a lot of
opportunities to speak to Elisa. What about you and Rachel? You lack communication and feelings.&34;

&34;D*mn it!&34; Vincent&39;s yelled and slumped his shoulders, finding no way to retaliate.

Gareth gazed at him stonily. &34;Anything else?&34;

Vincent quietly poured another glass of wine for himself.

After emptying it, he placed the glass on the table harshly. &34;F*ck, I can&39;t accept this!&34;

Feeling amused, Jeremy also poured a glass of wine for himself. &34;You have to learn from Gareth –
think of a way to talk to her.&34;

Vincent had no thoughts of replying. His spirits had plummeted.

Moments ago, he was confident that Gareth was just making things up. He finally realized that he had
been the clown all along.

D*mn it!

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