Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 1275

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It was a simple question. Elisa didn&39;t want to say too much, but Gareth&39;s mood soured. He pursed his
lips, still not saying a word.

Elisa, &34;…&34;

This man made her speechless. If it weren&39;t for his grandmother and his being sick, their relationship
would have ended long ago.

&34;There&39;s no reason for you to stay. You&39;ve eaten dinner. So kindly f*ck off.&34;

Any civility she had shown him earlier was now out the window. She had even sworn at him. Instead of
getting angry and ashamed of his actions, Gareth rose from his seat and returned to the couch. He sat
back down and turned on the TV.

Elisa, &34;…&34;

Had she not been clear enough? Or was Gareth not understand plain English?

Doesn&39;t he understand she was trying to get rid of him? She had been clear as glass with him. Didn&39;t
he know it was time he left?

She breathed deeply and tried again, &34;Gareth Wickam, I&39;m telling you to f*ck off.&34;

Gareth couldn&39;t be that thick-skinned to stay after she had spoken to him like this.

The sound from the TV filled the silence. The TV was on, but Gareth wasn&39;t watching it.

It was a shopping channel.

Elisa was about to speak up again when Gareth switched the channels. He said one word in response.


Elisa, &34;…&34;

His attitude made it difficult for her to believe he was in pain.

He was treating this like it was his own home.

Elisa&39;s expression was stormy. So what if he were sick? He can&39;t expect to stay here with her all the
time. She had compromised. She had even made dinner for him. They were divorced and hated each
other, and now she was doing all this for him. Had this bastard gotten used to her serving him?

&34;Don&39;t make me repeat myself. Leave. This is not your home, and we have no relationship.&34;

Elisa&39;s voice was colder than ice. Anyone who heard it could make out the disgust she had for him.

Gareth&39;s face darkened. Losing interest in staying, he stood up and left without saying a word.

Elisa let out a sigh of relief.

She didn&39;t care what he thought. All she wanted was for him to leave.

Later that night, after Elisa had showered and tidied up, her phone rang.

It was her assistant. Elisa answered it immediately.

&34;What&39;s wrong?&34;

&34;Ms. Benett, we&39;ve gotten news that Rose is requesting to see you.&34;

Elisa sat down on the bed and took her time to respond.

&34;Ignore her. Carry on with the plan.&34; Elisa replied calmly.

Her assistant expressed her understanding. They had nothing else to discuss and hung up.

Elisa stared at the darkened screen of her phone. She didn&39;t know if she was staring intently at her
phone or if she was deep in thought.

The next day.

The woman Norman had been sugar-babying had finally left the house.

Reporters surrounded her before she even made it to the main road. &34;Are you sure you have the right
person? I&39;m not famous.&34; She asked confusedly.

&34;Maybe you weren&39;t, but you sure are now. How have you been, Miss Sky?&34;

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