Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 1265

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Molly&39;s face turned even grimmer.

&34;Did you not hear what I just said? How dare you ignore me and expect my help?&34;

Molly sat across from Linda, dressed in luxurious clothes, indicating her wealth. Her sizable golden
earrings swayed back and forth as she shook her head in disapproval. She wore glasses with a golden
frame, and though still looking good for her age, wrinkles were starting to form on her face.

Due to her fear of pain, she refrained from using cosmetic treatments to smooth out her wrinkles.

Linda took a deep breath and shook her head in haste. &34;No, no... I don&39;t mean for you to intervene in
the entire process or seek revenge on my behalf. I only ask that you remove this trending topic. Just
removing it will reduce the amount of discussion.&34;

She knew she had no grounds to change the situation and couldn&39;t expect anyone to help her.
Removing the trending topic would reduce the discussions.

For Molly, it would be a piece of cake.


Linda was too naive.

&34;Norman Benett is now like a pariah,&34;

Molly sneered coldly and continued, &34;No one will help him. If the trending topic suddenly disappears,
people will start questioning. God knows your meddling may lead to your exposure. You should know
that Elisa&39;s motive for doing this isn&39;t to get back at your father but to target you.&34;

Linda&39;s expression turned even more unpleasant!

The situation could worsen for her father if it continued to spiral out of control!

Just as Linda was about to respond, Molly sneered coldly again, &34;Not to mention, your father&39;s
adulterous action was a fact. There&39;s no point in hiding it. He&39;s been maltreating you and your mother,
so why bother saving face for him?&34;

Molly&39;s words hit Linda like thunderbolts, jolting her back to reality.

It took all her efforts to regain her voice, and she asked sternly, &34;What did you just say?&34;

Molly stared at Linda&39;s ashen face and incredulous expression and sneered, &34;Don&39;t think so highly of
your father. He has a mistress and a child. It&39;s a done deal. So I warn you, don&39;t attempt anything
stupid. Remember that you&39;re now the precious daughter of the Garner family. You have nothing to do
with Norman!&34;

Molly&39;s words were like a series of thunderclaps, shocking her.

How… When… did this happen?

Having spent these past few days with Molly, Linda had gained some insight into her character. Molly

was rude, condescending, and selfish. Despite this, she was not a liar!

Linda&39;s body stiffened.

Noticing her silence, Molly stood up and said coldly, &34;Just stay home and don&39;t go anywhere for now.
Make sure your face is fully healed before you even consider doing so. If your backer ditches you, you
are as good as worthless. You&39;ll die if Elisa comes after you!&34;

Finishing her words with a snort, Molly made her way straight toward the door. However, upon reaching
the doorway, she stopped and looked back at Linda, worried she would attempt the unthinkable.

&34;If you&39;re smart, you&39;ll understand that patience is the key to success. If you show yourself now, your
life will be destroyed forever. And you won&39;t stand a chance to redeem yourself anymore!&34; She

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