Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 1261

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Norman was interrupted when Elisa impatiently cut him out, &34;Uncle, I&39;m not interested in what you have
to say. It doesn&39;t matter if what you&39;re saying is true or not. I know the company well; stop trying to sow
discord here, Uncle.&34;

&34;Sow discord? Me??&34; Norman suddenly felt aggrieved. &34;But I&39;m telling the truth!&34;

And indeed, Norman was telling the truth. The company wasn&39;t doing well mainly due to his
incompetence, but a small part was related to these two spies.

However, Elisa showed no interest in his words. She accused him of trying to sow discord, leaving
Norman feeling furious but unable to articulate his thoughts. He couldn&39;t remember feeling so
humiliated before! Since the passing of Nelson, he had assumed the role of the family patriarch and the
company&39;s top brass. Even with the presence of James Markee and Jessie Green, they were
powerless to rein him in. With an army of minions at his disposal, no one dared to challenge his

But now!


He felt a seething rage inside that he couldn&39;t let out, making him feel powerless.

Elisa looked at him indifferently and advised, &34;Uncle, you should go home now. Remember that your

promotion is based on your performance, not through snitching or insider information. At this place,
everything operates on the principle of fairness.&34;

Norman was abashed.

F*ck this arrogant woman!

He knew that he could not convince Elisa. If he revealed the presence of two spies in the company, she
might spread the word and make matters worse. Those two spies had already been promoted to higher
ranks than him, and he didn&39;t know how they would exact revenge on him later!

Norman felt increasingly uneasy and remorseful because he didn&39;t expect Elisa to remain so calm and
indifferent to what he said. Whether his claims were true or false, she could have asked for the names
of the two spies and conducted a thorough investigation to clear up any doubts. But instead, she
showed no curiosity whatsoever, leaving Norman to speculate about her intentions.

However, Elisa remained silent, showing no interest in knowing the truth. What could be going through
her mind?

&34;Liz, everything Uncle has said is real. Nevertheless, we must remain united and act in the best interest
of Benett Corporation. You have to trust me.&34;

Elisa could have deduced that Norman still aspired to reclaim control of the company, but only because
he wanted it to thrive. If there were any spies, he would have exposed them and let Elisa handle it, and
he could assume control afterward. But why wasn&39;t Elisa showing any concerns at all?


With frustration, Elisa clicked on a document with her mouse and calmly said, &34;Have work to do. You
may leave now.&34;

Norman was caught off guard by Elisa&39;s sudden dismissal.

Urgh, b*tch!!!

No matter what he said, Elisa remained completely unresponsive, neither kicking him out nor
acknowledging anything he said, treating him as invisible.

This made Norman feel like he was hitting a brick wall. Elisa was like a fortress, impervious to his
attempts to communicate. She was unassailable!

Feeling defeated, Norman reluctantly exited the room. As soon as he was gone, Elisa pulled out her
phone and sent a message to Patricia.

Elisa: &39;Could you go check on Rose for me and see if she&39;s made up her mind?&39;

Patricia: &39;Absolutely, Ms. Benett. I&39;ll head over there right away.&39;

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